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La Muerte-Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Photograph by Rachel Matos

In the animated movie "The Book of Life," La Muerte is the ruler and queen of the Land of The Remembered, and an ancient, immortal goddess of benevolence, goodness, generosity, purity, forgiveness, mercy, hope, love, passion, light — and death.

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La Muerte is an animated figure, so her makeup is obviously flawless and very detailed. However, if this is your first time creating a Day of the Dead face and La Muerte is your child's inspiration, there are plenty of ways of doing this look on your little one without having to perfect your artistic skills overnight.

My model was very patient, which is not the case for all kids (or adults). If you want a much shorter version, follow the same tutorial but simply do a half-face. Remember, just have fun. It does not need to be exact nor does it need to be perfect. Once you've got the basic colors down, your La Muerte will be amazing and the talk of your Halloween party!

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DIY Makeup Tutorial: La Muerte from "Book of Life"



Step 1:
Make sure your child cleanses his or her face before applying the face paint. After cleansing, you can apply moisturizer or primer to prepare their face for makeup.

Step 2:
Apply your face paint base. I used the Kryolan 6 colour wheel rainbow and a makeup sponge applicator to map out where I wanted everything. I left the eyes very open to make room for red and black. It's OK if the paint is transparent for now. You will build up as you go along.

Step 3:
Draw a red circle with a thin brush around the eyebrows, framing the socket. I used the red paint found in the Kryolan 6 colour wheel rainbow.

Draw a cat-eye shape around the eyes in turquoise and fill it in. I used a combination of Crafty Chica's Face Paint turquoise and eye shadow. You can use any turquoise shadow to set the paint. Face paint can sometimes feel sticky, so make sure you have translucent powder handy to help the makeup set.

Step 4:
Carefully add your black face paint in between your red and turquoise. You do not want to do this part before adding your colors, as black can smear, making your beautiful work gray or brown. I used the black paint found in the Kryolan 6 colour wheel rainbow.

Step 5:
Add your petals around the edges of the black paint around the eyes. La Muerte has yellow and orange petals, but you're fine just keeping them one color. If you're feeling extra skilled, you can add red dots over the black paint, but leaving them out doesn't take away from the overall look you're trying to achieve.

Step 6:
Add your decorative touches. Sticking with the Kryolan 6 colour wheel rainbow, I used red and yellow to add dots, swirls and a heart. I did not follow the exact pattern, and did what I felt would be a simpler idea for most moms to recreate. If your hand is shaky, draw the swirls out on a piece of paper first to get the flow of it prior to applying the color with a brush.

Step 7:
Color in your nose and add your red lipstick. La Muerte's nose is very specific and different than the design I usually do, as you can see from Day of the Dead makeup tutorial for boys. Her nose is shaped like a V on the bridge. It's OK to leave some aspects of her makeup out of your look, but her nose isn't one of them. It's an important part of her uniqueness and beauty.

For the lipstick I used gloss, but I do not recommend gloss if you are going to also draw in black teeth lines because it will smear. For pictures, it looks lovely. But if your child is going to party, stick with a matte color.

Step 8:
For the hair, I bought a black witch's wig from a Halloween store and tied it over the shoulder with a ribbon. I used the same ribbon for a choker necklace as well.

Step 9:
The hat! Sombreros and large sun hats in red are not always easy to find. I went to Target and bought the closest thing I could find to La Muerte's hat, and it happened to be an oxblood fedora with an Aztec print. It worked out perfectly, and it can be worn with many fall outfits. Win-win!

I stitched small skulls onto the brim and added marigolds to the top of the hat and hair, and done! You can find these items at Michael's or any other crafting store.

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Photograph by Rachel Matos

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Photograph by Rachel Matos

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