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Movie Review: 'Pan'

Parents need to know that 'Pan' is an action-fantasy retelling of the Peter Pan story, focusing on how the legendary character went from being a London orphan to the Boy Who Could Fly. Young Peter is kidnapped from an orphanage and taken to Neverland to work for the pirate Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman). Expect some intense scenes of brawls, sword fights, shootings, and explosions — some of which lead to off-camera/implied deaths — as well as a menacing crocodile. The body count, while notable, may go over the head of young viewers, since at least some of the departed turn into rainbow-colored chalk dust when they're dispatched. Language includes insults and exclamations like "daft," "imbeciles," "bloody hell," etc., and the romance is limited to a kissing scene shown in silhouette and some longing looks between Hook and Tiger Lily, who's a strong female character. The movie promotes teamwork and friendship and has a strong message about believing in yourself and your capability for greatness.

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