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DIY Felt Sugar Skull Craft for Kids

Photograph by Ruby Wright

I didn't celebrate Día de los Muertos much as a kid. So when I became a mom, I started celebrating and made Day of the Dead a tradition for my family to help keep my grandparents' memory alive. Making crafts that inspire conversation and celebration for cultural holidays like Día de los Muertos continues to be important to my mixed-heritage family.

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My family enjoys looking through old photos, sharing memories, and making sugar skull crafts together as part of our tradition. For the kids, crafts have always been an easy way to share and discuss the meaning of a holiday.

Our recent sugar skull craft was made of felt and decorated in bright colors. The kids enjoy making a colorful craft and I enjoy helping them while sharing more about their great-grandparents!

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DIY: How to Make Felt Sugar Skulls


  • One white stiff felt sheet for your base
  • At least 3 brightly colored felt sheets
  • 1 black felt sheet
  • Colorful sequins
  • Adhesive such as fabric-safe glue, or a glue gun(with adult supervision)
Photograph by Ruby Wright


  1. Using the white stiff felt, cut it in half holding it horizontally. One sheet is enough for two sugar skulls. Cut a skull shape from the white stiff felt for your base.

  2. Photograph by Ruby Wright

    Cut two circles for the eyes out of black felt and two larger circles in a brightly colored felt to make the rings around the eyes. It's ok to mix and match colors!

  3. Cut a long strip (about one inch wide by four inches long) for the mouth. Cut it in half again, holding it horizontally.

  4. Leave one strip long for the mouth and cut the other strip into three pieces to make the teeth.

  5. Photograph by Ruby Wright

    Adhere the face pieces to the white base with adhesive or a glue gun.

  6. Decorate with extra felt shapes, felt flowers, and sequins. Secure all the pieces with adhesive.

TIP: Add ribbon to the back and hang in your home on the wall or on a door.

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Photograph by Ruby Wright

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Photograph by Ruby Wright

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