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Movie Review: 'Jem and the Holograms'

Parents need to know that "Jem and the Holograms" is a live-action adaptation of the popular late '80s cartoon about Jerrica, a young woman who disguises herself as "Jem" when she performs. The movie is aimed at tweens, particularly girls, and stays appropriate enough for preteens. There are a couple of kisses, a mouthed "oh, s--t" (nothing is heard) and a scene featuring a shirtless young man wearing only a towel (the camera lingers on his chest). In one sequence, Jerrica and her sisters sneak onto the Santa Monica Pier and jump off of it to escape the police, and, in another, two characters also sneak into a building. Otherwise, there's nothing overly edgy about this story that encourages being true to yourself and expressing who you are creatively. But adults intrigued by the nostalgia factor should know there are major differences between the animated series and the movie.

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