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Mom Personality: Which Greek Goddess Are You?

Photograph by Henryk Siemiradzki

Admit it. As a parent, you have big-time powers, and you're not afraid to use them. But where did they come from and how did they manifest in you? Look below to find out which Greek goddess is the inspiration for your greatness and gifts.

If you feel inspired, set up a temple and worship away! She will most certainly reward you.

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As the goddess of Earth, you love being pregnant and cradle your swollen belly with great pride. Your friends constantly call you with their mothering questions or ask you to take their kids in a pinch. In fact, chances are good that you work with children and have at least two (or three, or four) of your own. Buxom and loving, you embrace the world with your open arms while magically making make the most delicious meals appear.


Despite having a brood, you're still one hot mama.

OK so you're really into looks, but that's cool. As the goddess of love and youthful beauty you really can't afford to let yourself go. In fact, unlike other goddesses who are regularly draped in togas, you are more than happy to hang out half-dressed and let the world know that, despite having a brood, you're still one hot mama. If you're partnered, lucky for them. Sort of. See, you may be married to a perfectly good person, but you're constantly tempted to test your sexual powers and maybe even rendezvous with the neighborhood Adonis. In that way, you have to watch it.


As the goddess of wisdom, you are able to apply your calm, strategic thinking both at home and out in the work world. Though you also reign as the goddess of war, you always prefer reasoning as a way to work things out. And when people see how you manage everything so well, they tend to ask, "How do you do it all?" Well, that's just part of being a warrior goddess isn't it? Oh, and kind of strangely, you are also a wiz with arts and crafts and can probably knit up a sweater in a snap.


You are so naturally hospitable that you end up throwing all the good parties.

Goddess of the hearth, your house is always just so, which is to say gorgeous and inviting. You somehow manage to create a warm atmosphere and right now you are getting ready to host Thanksgiving—as you do every year. In fact, you are so naturally hospitable that you end up throwing all the good parties. If you're considering a career change after kids, you may think about architecture or interior design. It's what you do so effortlessly well.


Goddess of the Soul, you are all about personal growth and examining depth and possibility in relationships. After all you were once a mere mortal and only through a series of trials (imposed by your mother-in-law I might add) did you eventually earn your goddess status. Never one to take things on the superficial level, your kids may roll their eyes as you head out of town to the next spiritual retreat. But secretly they are learning through you how to explore the depths of their own souls.


You do your shopping at Whole Foods and have a counter lined with tinctures that you insist your kids take.

Goddess of Health, you are all about the hand washing and the balanced family meals. You do your shopping at Whole Foods and have a counter lined with tinctures that you insist your kids take for their various ailments. You may work in medicine, but probably lean toward alternative practices. When your friends can't cure something in the conventional way, you get a phone call.

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Before you had kids, you had dogs. You still have dogs and cats, and maybe even other animals that you sometimes connect with more easily than people. Goddess of the hunt, you are out running ultra marathons through the woods and probably bringing home first place trophies. You worked up until the day you gave birth and got right back to business within a week. You have hugely high expectations of yourself and the same for those you love. You might need to go a littler easier on your kids. Just because you're a super, accomplished Olympian goddess, it doesn't mean they can always meet your expectations.

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