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Anna Paquin on Doing Work That Her Kids Can Eventually See

When it comes to her film and TV roles, Anna Paquin sometimes finds it difficult explaining to her kids what exactly she does.

After all, she has yet to sit down with her 3-year-old twins to watch "True Blood," the vampire series she starred in with husband (and the twins' father) Stephen Moyer.

But for "The Good Dinosaur," the animated film from Disney-Pixar that arrives in theaters November 25, Paquin believes her voice role as a young T. rex will win her serious mom points.

"The timing is kind of fantastic because I do have kids, and at some point I'm going to be really, really, really cool because their mom's a cool dinosaur," she told mom.me at a press conference in Hollywood last week.

Not only that, but Paquin is eager to show her twins a film that's actually kid-friendly.

"It is nice doing some work that my kids will be allowed at some point to see and it won't be scarring or damaging," she joked. "For the most part, my husband and I do stuff that's pretty out there."

However, Paquin admitted that it didn't take being a mom to want to join the cast of a Pixar film, in this case one about a young dinosaur who travels through harsh landscapes to get back to his family while meeting a human friend along the way.

"I would want to do Pixar even if I'd never planned to have children or be near children ever in my entire life because Pixar is awesome and they do beautiful, beautiful films," Paquin said.

But it's the PG nature of the movie that will be especially easy to explain to her children.

"When you try to explain, 'Well, Mommy and Daddy have to go to work' and then they will never see some of the stuff that we've done, that might be a little hard to understand as opposed to being like, 'And this is what we did, and you're allowed to watch this without us being arrested.'"

Photo of Anna Paquin by Patrick Wymore. ©2015 Disney•Pixar

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