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Movie Review: 'The Good Dinosaur'

Parents need to know that "The Good Dinosaur"—Pixar's lush animated prehistoric saga that successfully melds "Finding Nemo" and "E.T."—has stunning visuals, moments of clever humor, strong messages about loyalty and bravery, and many scenes of danger, trauma, and peril that are likely to frighten younger/more sensitive viewers. (Spoiler alert!) Apatosaurus Arlo is separated from his family after a severe storm/flash flood claims his father's life (a series of events that could definitely upset kids); plus, carnivorous, sharp-toothed beasts attack Arlo and his human friend, Spot; more storms bring destruction and deadly threats; and the heroes barely survive a dangerous ride down a waterfall—which is all the more intense because the film's settings look extremely real.

Rated: PG

Running Time: 100 minutes

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