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Moms Fired Up About Whoopi Goldberg's Breastfeeding Jab

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A co-host of "The View" is making waves for having an opinion (imagine that, on a show called "The View"). In this case, though, EGOT club member Whoopi Goldberg seems to have poked the wrong bear (or at least the wrong set of moms) when on the topic of children who breastfeed she said, "If they're old enough to have teeth, they shouldn't be breastfeeding. Good god."

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Not surprisingly, Goldberg's comment—and her apparent disdain for women who breastfeed babies not resembling the Gerber one—is getting all kinds of people all kinds of riled up since breastfeeding is an eternal hot-button issue (imagine that, it was being discussed during a segment on the show called HOT Topics). Whether it's breastfeeding in public, doing it without a cover, doing it for a long time or not doing it at all, opinions (often stated fervently, and as gospel) on the matter are abundant.

It's not the first time Goldberg has had a public opinion on breastfeeding-related matters, having called some lactation consultants "boneheads" (in context, sort of) a few years ago. Goldberg made her latest whoops(-i) during a conversation on women nursing other women's babies.

As was the case when she made her past comment, breastfeeding advocates aren't taking kindly to Goldberg's most recent remarks. "Whoopi is far more disgusting than me BF'ing my kids," one viewer tweeted.

Although to be fair, breastfeeding advocates generally don't take kindly to any remarks that aren't in support of anything but breastfeeding whenever, wherever and however—even when the person expressing them is famous or a woman—and especially when the opinion is that what they're doing is unsightly or unseemly or un-anything other than what they want to do if what they want to do is breastfeed. And it's not even just breastfeeding advocates who don't want to hear an opposing view; most women don't want to hear from anyone, even other women, about what we should (or shouldn't) be doing with/for/to our bodies.

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And yet Goldberg is not alone in her most recent opinion. Whether you've thought it yourself or heard it said, the sentiment has been expressed previously by plenty of people taken aback upon observing a child nursing long after the age (or size) when most people are used to seeing children nurse. It has nothing to do with teeth, either, as lots of infants develop teeth early (as many breastfeeding moms know all too painfully well). (Teeth are hardly what the World Health Organization uses as a barometer for deciding when it's best for a baby to stop nursing, which is at least 6 months old, and up to and even beyond 2 years, if possible.)

Also not new is breastfeeding and judgments of those who do—and don't—do it. The difference now? The opinions and assessments of it are more likely to catch fire and spread.

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