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5 Reasons This Mom Is So Over Snapchat

Photograph by Twenty20

I'm a big social media user. I have a blog, and very active Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. I even have a Google Plus account (although, let's be honest, I never use it). I guess I like to think of myself as pretty tech-savvy.

But Snapchat is giving me pause. People are joining in droves. Everywhere I look, that little white ghost is popping up, and many of my friends, even the ones who aren't big social media users, are jumping aboard.

While I have an account and use it on occasion, I haven't become a big adopter of it. I see the appeal for some people, but it's not really doing it for me.

Here are 5 reasons I'm not sold (yet):

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1. It's so intrusive!

Right in the middle of a sweet moment, I'm supposed to whip out my phone and record and narrate the whole thing? Bleck.

With other social media, I can snap a photo and then share it at my leisure or schedule things ahead of time. With Snapchat? You have to do that thing NOW. Which means right in the middle of a sweet moment, I'm supposed to whip out my phone and record and narrate the whole thing? Bleck.

2. There aren't a lot of times I can watch it.

Imagine this: You press on your friend's Snap to watch it just when your kid screams at you to "Mommy, watch this!" as she tries to do a back flip off the couch. You look back at your screen to see the snap disappear. And you're out of replays.

3. Snaps often require sound

I'm all about the phone-on-mute life. So many Snaps require sound, and it's not easy for me to watch other people's videos. If I'm in public, I feel like an idiot watching it, and if I'm home and my children are up, there's no way to not draw their attention to someone chatting from my phone.

4. WHY is everyone Snapchatting while they drive?

Is that supposed to be safer than texting while driving? Please put the phone down and pay attention to the road (you know, that road where I drive with my children?).

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5. And, OK! I just don't really understand it.

What am I even supposed to share over there? And there's so much swiping—left, right, up! Special effects! And it's not all intuitive. I sound like an old person but ... I'm just lost a little. I feel like it takes so much effort.

Are you on Snapchat? Am I missing out on all the goodness? Am I just an old geezer?

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