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Do You Have an 'Instagram Husband'?

If you've ever spent more than five minutes browsing through Instagram, it becomes clear that there are people who take their favorite photo-sharing app very, VERY seriously. But apparently, there's a cost behind all of those perfectly posed selfies and brunch shots: the all-too-tragic lives of the "Instagram Husbands."

What is an "Instagram Husband"? This new PSA explains the tragedy behind these marginalized sub-human-selfie-sticks:

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If you know an Instagram Husband, chances are, you're still laughing after watching that. Because we ALL know the poor souls on the other side of those iPhones. I know Instagram Husbands, Instagram Wives, Instagram Kids. I've seen people mocked for not knowing the difference between the Clarendon and Amaro filters OR for actually eating their food at a restaurant before their partner could get a good picture of it. The Instagram Husband campaign is funny because it is PAINFULLY true.

They say the hope I need is right around the corner, I just hope there isn't an old door before we get there.

There's even an Instagram Husband website that collects testimonials from other IHs, all just looking for a moment of peace that they don't have to record and filter and share with the world.

Here are some choice testimonials from the site:

"Do they still show trailers before movies? I have no idea. I'm being serious. I don't know if they show them. I do, however, know that I have a lot of pictures holding popcorn looking down at our feet." -J. Houghton

"Yesterday she asked me if I would brighten the contrast in the room. After awhile I figured out that she just wanted the lights on." -T. Brandon

"They say the hope I need is right around the corner, I just hope there isn't an old door before we get there." -R. Brandon

They even have an "Approaching Your Wife" section where they offer advice for staging an intervention for one's Instagram-obsessed spouse. Step 1? "Invite your wife into reality saying, 'Honey, it's me, Brian, the guy from the other side of the camera, your husband. I invite you to step out of frame, and into reality.'" Step 2? "Repeat Step 1, only louder."

You can even submit your own Instagram Husband photos to instagramhusband@gmail.com

In reality—you know, the stuff on the other side of the camera—the amazing video and the whole Instagram Husband campaign was created by the comedy team behind The Mystery Hour, a riotous late night talk show that's filmed live every month at the Gillioz Theatre in Springfield, Missouri. It's broadcast on a handful of Fox affiliates and hosted by "Mystery" Jeff Houghton, a longtime comedian and improv performer.

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If you're still not sure what exactly The Mystery Hour is, they put together this handy 3-minute video for new fans:

It's definitely worth checking out and, if you think you know an Instagram Husband (or if you're an Instagram Husband yourself), share this video and let them know that they're not alone.

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