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The Big Thing Kris Jenner Has Done Right as a Mom

Photograph by Getty Images

Good parenting. Bad parenting. Most moms I know identify famous momager Kris Jenner as part of the latter category. (I myself have been known to call her out for a questionable and often shocking parenting style. It all started with Kylie and Kendall pole dancing on their reality show years ago, when they were around 10 years old.)

But it's undeniable that Kris Jenner is a freakin' marketing genius—let's just admit it, whether or not you agree with some of her promotional methods. In my imagination, she's sharply cooked up every headline-making controversy we've all posted on, tweeted around and argued about in the media over the last 10 years. Respect for resourcefulness, mama.

And although I can't say I'd jump at the chance to have her help raise my kids (as though that would ever happen), today I'm here to shout about the one thing Kris Jenner's done right in the parenting department: She's raised confident, unstoppable young women.

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Kris Jenner's daughters—all five of them—project confidence, self-assuredness and resilience in the face of demeaning criticism and an impressive work ethic. Job well done for that, mom. Having two young daughters, I'm fascinated. Note to self: Don't forget to raise girls with unstoppable confidence.

These young women believe they can do anything and face criticism and negative attention head-on with confidence. They believe it, and so they do it.

This huge and humble realization hit me as I scrolled through my news feeds and saw all the GIFs, tweets and hashtags citing Kris Jenner as the "proud mom" sitting in the front row at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The articles and memes comparing her to Amy Poehler's "cool mom" character from "Mean Girls," as she beamed while taking pictures of supermodel daughter Kendall walking the runway, were simultaneously to-die-for hysterical and eat-your-heart-out-look-what-I-made-happen gloating.

Yes, she's got exorbitant amounts of money and connections and candor to feed and propel her family's outrageous popularity, endorsement deals and media takeovers. But the bottom line is: Her daughters constantly seem to handle all things thrown at them with a "we are who we are, take us or leave us" attitude. That's confidence at its peak.

Let's think back over the years: We've seen Kim get reamed on "Dancing with the Stars," Khloe attempt to host a major network reality show (unsuccessfully), Kourtney continue to stick with Scott (regardless of how much some of her family tried to convince her to step away from him ... before she actually did, recently), Kendall bogart her way into the uber-elite supermodel scene (against all odds of tangibly succeeding, regardless of who her family is), and despite her controversial rumored plastic surgery scandals and hate over lip-gate, Kylie has now become one of the most successful beauty entrepreneurs in recent history.

Despite many failures and mishaps, all the crap we all say about them (guilty as charged), their lack of distinctive talent and/or trained skills in some of the areas they attempt to conquer, the fact that only one of them has actually attended college (go Kourtney)—these young women believe they can do anything and face criticism and negative attention head-on with confidence. They believe it, and so they do it.

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I don't know about you, but I'd be a ball of nerves if all that kind of negative action was on my shoulders. (And my mom raised a confident gal.) But not these girls. If these girls fall down, they shamelessly and immediately get back up and succeed at something else immediately, making us instantly forget about the failures and scandals. So go ahead Kim, bare you naked ass and then turn around and speak alongside some of this country's most prestigious judges. Because you've got the confidence to pull it off.

Love it or hate it, Kris Jenner has schooled us all about raising confident daughters—even if there's a fine line between confidence and arrogance. But that's not for me to judge now, is it?

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