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10 Signs You're Mexican at Christmas

There's the way some people do Christmas and then there's the way Mexicans do Christmas. Here are some of the most obvious signs you are Mexican at Christmas.

1. You pass on the eggnog.

Why would you want to waste precious rompope space?

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2. You know how to get presents for everyone without overspending.

God bless the dollar stores otherwise you don't know how you would be able to afford gifts for all your relatives.

3. You say it in Spanglish.

Hey as long as everyone understands what you are saying, it's ALL good.

4. It's all about Noche Buena.

Christmas Eve is where it's at. Christmas Day is SO the day after.

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5. You're ready to gamble.

Mamá needs a new pair of shoes!

6. Christmas does NOT smell like pine trees.

It smells like tamales, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

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7. You get the feels when your man helps you in the kitchen.

That right there is love.

8. Dieta? As if!

That's what the new year is for, right? Your tías are going to call you gordita anyway... might as well enjoy it!

9. At some point, there is going to be hip action.

I mean what's a celebration without some dancing?

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10. You're ready for the aftermath.

Sometimes things go the cruda route, but you're ready for the next morning ahead of time.

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