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DIY Holiday Baby Photo Studio

Photograph by Elba Valverde

I'm so excited for my baby's first holiday pictures. I decided to take them at home, and make them look somewhat professional with a pretty backdrop and props. I went to a photography studio a few months ago when he needed his passport pictures and saw how they took them and it didn't look that hard, so I gave it a try.

I took tons of pictures until I finally got a few perfect ones to send to the grandparents. I think they turned out great, especially given the fact that they were taken with my phone and in a corner of my dining room!

This idea is really simple and it's definitely a great way to take your baby's first holiday pictures with a pretty backdrop without spending a lot of money.

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DIY: Holiday Photo Studio

You'll need:

  • A white blanket

  • Christmas lights, preferably white or transparent, so they fade out into the blanket.

  • Props. Ornaments, boxes, Christmas stockings, and anything else that will look pretty in the picture and entertaining for your baby.


1.Use a table or a pair of chairs to hold the blanket. If you don't have a white blanket, use any other solid color.

2. Add Christmas lights on top of the blanket. As soon as you turn them on you will instantly feel a festive vibe that will inspire your pictures — you'll see!

3. Get as many props as you can find. Pick things that you feel your baby will be interested in, but won't break. If your baby isn't moving a lot yet, just lay him or her down on the blanket, arrange the props around and take the pictures. You could even create all of this on your bed, so the baby feels more comfortable.

Since my baby is a mover, the floor looked safer. He was really into the ornaments and that's how I distracted him while I made him wear the hat (that he hated!). I used a bell to get his attention while I was taking the pictures. It was fun.

4. As soon as you have the backdrop ready, sit your baby down and have your phone ready to take as many pictures as you can. My baby couldn't stay still for more than one minute sitting there, so I let him move for a few minutes before I sat him on the blanket again.

5. If you took the pictures with your phone, you can use a picture editing application to edit the colors. I really like VSCO Cam and the Photoshop app. Play with the brightness and contrast, and make those colors pop.

6. You can also use gift wrapping paper as a backdrop for the pictures too. Tape it to the walls with painter's masking tape. You could add Christmas lights, too. The only downside is that gift wrapping paper tends to shine with the light. So play with angles while taking the pictures until you take the perfect one.

7. Create your backdrop scene near a window so you have natural light coming in and your pictures will look crisp and vibrant.

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Photograph by Elba Valverde
Photograph by Elba Valverde

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