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Zoe Saldana, Let's Be Honest About Your Post-Baby Body

Photograph by Instagram

Dear Zoe Saldana,

Thanks so much for your inspirational Instagram post celebrating your post baby bod. I loved the intent of your message telling moms that because you lost all your baby weight after the birth of your adorable twins, any mom can do the same. It's amazing that you can squeeze back into your pre-baby costume from "Guardians of the Galaxy." You should absolutely be proud of yourself.

However, I think you missed your own point. See it's great that you lost whatever weight you gained while pregnant. I can't imagine the toll being pregnant with twins takes on your body. Losing weight after both of my pregnancies was tough enough for me and I didn't have to recover from twins. As you now know, getting your body back after being pregnant is hard for anyone. It sounds like it was even difficult for you.

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But the thing is, you're a movie star. And no matter how many times US Magazine wants to tell us that movie stars are just like the rest of us, you're not. You're just not. It doesn't mean you love your children any differently than us non-famous moms, but it does mean there are a lot of things that are simply easier for you than for the rest of us. It doesn't make them easy, but it does make them easier.

Like losing your baby weight. It was surely challenging to get your body back after having twins. But let's face it Zoe, you probably had a trainer helping you along the way. You also probably have a nanny, maybe even more than one nanny, to help with your kids. And because you're a successful movie star, you probably get to choose when and if you go to work. You may even get to bring your children, and your trainer, to work with you each and every day.

If you're going to tell other women they can do what you did ... you should at least tell the truth about who helped you get there and how much time and money it took.

That makes your experience of getting your body back after your babies a lot different than that of a mom who has no help with her children, no expensive trainer to give her workouts and inspiration and no choice but to go to a job she may or may not like each and every day, before racing home to her kid.

Like I said, that doesn't mean it was easy for you to get back in shape. But, it does mean it was probably easier for you to get back in shape than it was for a lot of other moms. So it feels irresponsible for you to act as though anyone can lose her baby weight because you did.

Personally what I'd love to see from you or any other celebrity mom who wants to put herself out there after she loses her baby weight is the truth. I'd love to see that same photo of you joyously putting your tight pre-baby costume back on and then telling us what it really took for you to get there. Because if you're going to tell other women they can do what you did and get back into as amazing shape as you have, you should at least tell the truth about who helped you get there and how much time and money it took.

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I don't think there's a mom in the world who would begrudge another mom for having a trainer, nannies and maybe even a personal chef on hand to help her get her body back. Having a baby is humbling and it's hard to get back in shape. But you can be both inspirational and honest.

And by the way, you look fabulous. Congratulations for getting in shape, no matter how you did it!

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