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10 DIY Gift Ideas From Crafty Latinas

Christmas is just around the corner and you might be feeling all kinds of stressed because there are a few people on your list who still need to be checked off and the last thing you feel like doing is braving crowds to fight over some mass produced something or other. It's OK, check out these fantastic DIY gift ideas from some of our favorite crafty Latinas and make some beautiful regalitos.

A stamped pendant

How adorable is the metal stamped jewelry gift idea from Crafty Chica? The answer is VERY!

Wrist cuffs

Use some wire and that cute fabric you've been stashing for who knows what to create these wrist cuffs.

Clutch upgrade

You can jazz up an unassuming clutch with fabric and personalize it for a friend or family member.

Oilcloth fabric barrettes

This clever gift idea for a barrette lover in your life could not be easier to make.

Cinnamon glitter candles

You can grab some inexpensive candles and follow this simple tutorial to make them glitter and smell delightful.

Painted kitchen utensils

Who doesn't need a cuchara de palo in their kitchen? Now you can give a plain set of wooden utensils a crafty makeover.

Piñata ornaments

Ornaments are fun to give because the recipient gets to enjoy and reminisce about them every year. These DIY piñata ornaments are too cute!

Dry erase boards

Dry erase boards are so useful, but most are pretty dang ugly. Why not make stylish dry erase boards to gift from nice frames and dry erase Con-Tact paper?

Gold-accented vases

Gold-accented anything is all the rage right now, but some of those accents come at a hefty price. Luckily, you can take a dollar store vase and add the gold accenting yourself with the help of metallic tape.

Painted mug

All you need to make these DIY painted mugs are a plain white ceramic mug, oil-based Sharpie markers and your oven.

Which of these crafty gifts appeal to you?

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