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Boy Band Songs That Really Speak to Parents

Oh those glorious boy band songs. We loved this music when we were (a little bit) younger. When we were overcome by young love and JC Chasez in his leather pants. And even though we still love it now, it's usually for different reasons.

Now, I'm not saying that you ever outgrow boy bands, but perhaps the songs speak to us differently now. So how about doing something completely random, on the verge of senseless, but fun and highly entertaining? How about applying some of our favorite boy band songs to parenting? Come on, just give it a go, just because.

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N'Sync's "Pop"

Remember this song? I feel like we all wanted to love it, but we all just really liked it. And apparently, we liked it enough because it made it to 19 on the Billboard music charts in 2001. The video though, with the group dancing in a neon-colored club and JT spinning on that cool spiral thing, had me N' Drinking their ripped jeans Kool Aid. It was a song about defending pop music and its staying power in the industry. But this song is also a perfect soundtrack to your Third Trimester of pregnancy because yes, you feel and look like you're about to … go for it, POP! Look, I've even rewritten the lyrics so that you can really get on board.

POP! 39 Weeks Edition:

Do you ever wonder why (Why?)

These nachos with extra sour cream get you high?

(Hello, thunder thighs)

That insurance commercial made me cry

Feel it when your

Baby starts to rock

(Your baby starts to rock)

Straight socks you in the crotch

(Please stop)

And ginger drops are all you've got

You're ready to POP!

All 4 One's "I Swear"

Sometimes referred to as "the Dukes of R&B," All 4 One was killin' it in the '90s. They had several hits, but none, in my opinion, as smooth and tender as "I Swear." It was a love song about pledging extreme commitment. Well, as parents, just by giving birth we have made a solemn vow to love, care for and support our children, but this song can also apply to another aspect of parenting: when you make mostly false threats to your kids when you're pushed to the edge. Try this out.

I Swear: Parenting Siblings Edition

I swear (I swear) if you fart

On your brother one more time, say a prayer (He started it first. I don't care!)

And I'll tear (I'll tear) you a new one if you make him cry

Don't you dare (don't you dare) for your own damn good

Do not even try, or you won't play Minecraft 'til at least next July, I swear.

One Direction's "Story of My Life"

Harry Styles and the gang reign supreme over the current boy band land. This song, "Story of My Life" is a song about a lovesick boy who is trying to hold onto something that is fading. But he'll do anything, sacrifice everything for love. Well, we may not have that luscious teen idol Harry Styles' hair, but we would and do indeed go the distance to make sure our little rugrats are safe and warm and happy. And we aren't all teenybopper bullshit. We mean it—we sacrifice everything—sleep, nice furniture, a bed to ourselves, sleep, adult time, sleep …

Story of My Life: New Mom Edition

The story of my life

In our crazy home

Daughter's up all night

From dusk 'til dawn

And everything is "Frozen" (the story of, the story of)

The story of my life

I get her milk

I tell her stories

Until I'm ill


The story of my life (the story of, the story of)

Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way"

"I Want It That Way" is arguably the most popular of all Backstreet Boy songs, but I was never clear if this song was about a long-distance relationship or a lover's quarrel over how she likes her steak prepared. In any case, it totally speaks to parenting and is reminiscent of the demands of an impatient toddler.

I Want It That Way: Toddler Edition

Don't start a fire

Get out of the dryer

Listen, when I say

You can't always have your way


Are we gonna have to keep a chart

To teach you not to use the word "shart"

In public

That's really not OK


Tell me why

Parenting's such a headache

Tell me why

Sometimes I think It was a mistake

But I lie

I'd never ever give you away

But you are the reason I am prematurely gray

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New Edition's "Cool It Now"

Now back in the day this song by New Edition was the jam. Ralph Tresvant was so into that girl with the pink bow in the mini skirt, his friends were like slow down, Ralph, or you're gonna find yourself in love. The parenting application of this has nothing to do with teenage love or that much swag. Nope here it's about a mom on the edge instilling fear in her misbehaving child. It's a much different edition.

Cool It Now: Tantrum Edition

You've got to cool it now

You got to cool it now

Oooooooh watch out

I'm gonna lose my shit.

Photograph by: Rex Features/Shutterstock

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