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Alyssa Milano Shuts Down Wendy Williams After Breastfeeding Comments

Things got awkward on "The Wendy Williams Show" Wednesday, when the host told guest Alyssa Milano that she doesn't approve of public breastfeeding.

In fact, her exact words to the actress and mother of two were: "I don't need to see that."

The conversation started when Williams displayed an Instagram photo of Milano, who was breastfeeding her 16-month-old daughter, Elizabella—something Milano has been criticized for in the past.

Williams asked if Milano has been surprised by the often negative reaction to her photos.

"I was surprised by the reaction," said Milano, who also has a 4-year-old son, Milo, "and I was surprised that I was then put in this position of being a breastfeeding advocate, which I love."

However, what surprised her more, she said, was how opinionated people were about "something that's supposed to be so incredibly natural."

And that's when Williams revealed her own opinion, which was decidedly thumbs down on the subject.

"[Breasts are] more sexual than a feeding thing," Williams, who is also a mom and breastfed "for about two weeks," told Milano. "Breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time. The rest of your life your breasts are a sexual things."

But Milano didn't accept that from the talk-show host, who said that she would rather go to the car and feed her baby instead of exposing her breasts in public.

Incredulous, Milano then asked, "Why is it OK to show that picture of Miley Cyrus with two suspenders over her breasts?" referring to an image Williams posted of the actress-singer in the silver outfit she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards in August.

"Biologically, they're not made for sexual things," Milano added. "That's what we've done to them."

While Williams admitted that she didn't know why she felt that way, she said that was still her opinion.

"You're lucky the baby's not here," Milano countered. "I'd whip 'em out and feed (her) on your show."

Image via YouTube

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