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What Tamera Mowry Wants You to Know About Parenting

Photograph by Howl & Rose

Mom.me recently sat down with dynamic actress and mother of two, Tamera Mowry-Housley, at the Mamas Making It Summit, a Fashion Mamas event held at The Line Hotel in Los Angeles. Natalie Alcala, founder of Fashion Mamas and pictured above with Tamera, who acted as the event's keynote speaker, led an inspiring day with speakers from all avenues of motherhood and business. We left inspired and motivated, with great hair (courtesy of the Dry Bar!).

Read on as we chat with Tamera about finding a good work-life balance and her most memorable messy mommy moment.

As a working mom, what are your best tips for other moms who are trying to find somewhat of a balance?

There are some days that are just not going to go as planned. Some days, you are going to kill it; some days, you are just going to plain suck. And you have to be OK with that. Life is not perfect. As long as you are organizing and prioritizing your day, you’ll be fine. Knowing that going in, you can breathe a little more.

You recently did a special on HGTV, "The Housleys," with your husband, Adam Housley. What was it like working together?

"The Housleys" was a dream of mine. I absolutely loved doing it because interior design is one of my passions. Working with my husband, I was very surprised, it didn’t feel like work because I felt like he was in his element. But, it was only one episode. We had fun. I liked seeing him in a different element and he was having a lot of fun doing it. I thought he was talented and that honestly made him more sexy to me. I was like, "Damn, go, Housley!"

What has been your messiest or most imperfect mom moment?

I have a lot of those, but there was a time when [my son] Aiden was only 2 weeks old and I had taken him to the pediatrician. Then I wanted to go to this place called The Pump Station. I didn’t take his diaper bag and he had a blowout all over his car seat. It was my first experience with a blowout. I was like, "Holy crap!" I didn’t have a change of clothes, so I had to go inside the store to ask them frantically, "Do you guys have diapers?" Of course, they were like, "Yes, we have diapers, and a changing station right here." I changed him but the poor kid—he had to go out with a blanket wrapped around him. He didn’t have any clothes on. Just a diaper! And I had to clean off his little car seat. I have a picture of it. It was not good.

Bet you've never left without the diaper bag again?

Never again. I have post-traumatic stress from that moment. My daughter is almost 3 years old and I still carry a diaper bag. Just carry it! You never know.

Photograph by Howl & Rose

What is your parenting motto?

My parenting motto is: As long as you are doing your best, it’s good enough. Let’s just focus on that. You are not going to be this perfect parent every day, so as long as you're striving to be the best, things are going to be fine.

If you could have dinner with any idol, alive or dead, who would it be and what would you want to ask them?

Abraham Lincoln because of what I learned in school. You know he helped abolish slavery, so I would ask him, "What made you [push for that]?" Obviously that was the right thing to do at that time, but he had to be so brave. So, what was the defining moment for him to be like, "Listen, this is wrong we need to stop this." I would want to know when he made that decision.

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