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7 Quinceañera Memes That Will Crack You Up

Photograph by Twenty20

I'm about to tell you a secret not every Latina has to keep. Are you ready? I did not have a quinceñera. Wait — that's not all. Not only did I not have a quinceañera celebration, I actually was mortified by the idea of having one.

When the option was presented to me, I could not scream "NOOOOOO!" loud enough or fast enough. Poofy dress, girlie girlie-ness, dancing in front of others, my last doll — I never even liked dolls, anyway — and all of it felt so not me. My mom didn't press the issue, thank goodness, because I would have just DIED I tell you, died!

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Now that I'm the mother of two daughters, it occurs to me that one or both of them might want a quinceañera, and who am I to stand in the way of such a celebration? If they decided they want one I will be supportive and figure it out.

In the meme-time, I leave you with these quinceañera truths:

Never deny a quinceañera party to someone who really wants one.

Ain't nobody got time for that kind of resentment or regret.

There is no denying that it's a rite of passage.

I guess I'm not a thug, since I never had one.

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A hangry quinceañera is a no-no.

Somebody hand the guest of honor a snack once in awhile, please.

The shoes are key!

Man, all birthday parties should require the cumpleañera to wear two pairs of shoes.

There is an unwritten rule that everyone knows.

It's like a tradition or something.

Actually, the decor in general seems to be up for grabs.

I guess it's like a pick your own kind of party favor thing.

Everyone wants in on the celebration.

Can you blame them?

Did you have a quinceañera?

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