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16 Times Barack Obama Was the Coolest Dad-in-Chief

Sure, he's the leader of the free world, but President Obama is also one chill parent. Here are a few times the president proved he's not only Sasha and Malia's father, but the coolest dad on the block.

1. He's really busy running the country, but he took time out to master the art of the selfie.

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2. He has dance parties in his office.

3. And raves on his front lawn.

4. He invites the most awesome guests over.

5. And knows exactly who his teen girls are going to fangirl over.

6. He's always down to help out.

7. And he's not a terrible dancer.

8. Even when he's in a breakdance challenge.

9. He might be the president, but he knows it's important to always stop and chat with your homies.

10. He knows when a tween just needs a hug.

11. He appreciates good cosplay.

12. He's not uptight about getting his work clothes wrinkled.

13. When he sees his friends, he knows to skip the handshake and go straight to the high five.

14. He's cool with you snapping a pic and posting it to Instagram.

15. This Commander-in-Chief still believes in superheroes.

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16. Most importantly, he always has time just to hang out. Now that's cool.

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