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7 Awesome Shows to Binge-Watch With Your Partner Tonight

Photograph by Twenty20

The kids are finally asleep and you have (limited!) time to unwind. Don’t waste a precious moment scrolling through all endless TV options—here’s a list of binge-worthy shows you and your partner will both agree are worth watching. Grab some snacks and a cozy blanket, and get ready to laugh and cry and not fall asleep on the sofa with these great picks.

"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" (Amazon Prime)

Set in 1950s New York, this gem of a show won eight Emmys in its first season. You’ll fall in love with the bold, personable housewife, Mrs. Maisel, her zany antics and the cast of characters she meets while pursuing a career in stand-up comedy after her seemingly perfect marriage begins to unravel.

"Superstore" (Hulu/Netflix)

Missing "The Office"? "Superstore" fills the gap and then some by dropping viewers into the underbelly of a big box store via the perspective of perfectly quirky employees who will make you laugh out loud at the day-to-day lunacy of serving the general public.

"Catastrophe" (Amazon Prime)

This R-rated comedy/romance doesn’t shy away from the deep dive into the complexities of marriage, parenting, affairs and familial strains. You’ll root for the success of the unlikely couple at the heart of the show while watching them navigate the messy aspects of life and love.

"Lovesick" (Netflix)

Buckle up to follow a cast of loveable young romantics journeying through the triumphs and pitfalls of romantic love and platonic friendships. The rom-com takes you down memory lane to greet the male protagonist’s past partners as he reaches out to inform them all he has chlamydia. The characters are equal parts charming, endearing and hilarious, and you’ll simultaneously wax poetic for your younger dating days and be grateful you’ve settled down.

"Friday Night Lights" (Amazon Prime)

"Friday Night Lights" uses high school football as an anchoring medium to explore the nuances of life in small-town Texas. You’ll develop strong emotional ties while rooting for the players’ success on and off the field as the character development and unquenchable plot lines of this drama are unparalleled. Even if football isn’t your thing, you’ll want to tune in for this consistent touchdown of a show. Clear eyes, full hearts … can’t take your eyes off the screen.

"This Is Us" (Netflix)

Don’t be dissuaded by this runaway hit’s sentimentality—this is the kind of good cry we all need in our lives. Follow the timeline-jumping, poignantly complicated lives of a beloved family we haven’t seen the likes of since "Parenthood." The expert storytelling on "This Is Us" raises the bar for modern-day TV dramas by eliciting every emotion in viewers from joy to extreme grief—sometimes all in the span of one episode. Just make sure to keep tissues on hand.

"Friends" (Netflix)

You’ll be surprised by how many episodes of "Friends" you may have missed because you were busy living your life before kids. Nothing compares to the infectious camaraderie of this stellar cast of buddies finding their way through the Big Apple in their 20s. The best part? There are 236 episodes, so you can savor this oldie but goodie.

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