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9 Hilarious Parent Comedians Who Totally Get Us

There's no denying it: Parenting is funny. When you have kids, your life switches up completely, and you find yourself in situations that you could never have imagined being in before those little buggers came into your life. You must expect the unexpected. And even if it is expected, weird stuff still happens. And most of the time, all you can do is laugh.

Here are some of our favorite comedy bits about parenting that are so, so true.

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Michael McIntyre – People Without Kids Don't Know

Michael McIntyre nails it in one of the best stand up bits about parenting ever. It's a commentary about how people without kids daydreamingly talk about "when they have kids" as if it's all rosey and breezy, but that they actually have absolutely NO IDEA ABOUT PARENTING. He compares and contrasts (OK, mostly contrasts) life pre-kids and post-kids in an accurate, hilarious way, pointing out things like how just getting out of the freaking house and getting any type of reasonable amount of sleep becomes nearly impossible. Every parent in the audience (including us) is nodding their head AMEN!

Louis C.K. - Parenting

Louis C.K., known for his hilarious observational humor, is popular in part because his material, although often dark, is relatable. It's apparently especially in this stand up, when he gets very real and very honest by expressing how he thinks parenting is well, boring. From sitting through kids' board games to reading books about Clifford the Big Red Dog, we're feeling his pain. Get outta here weird, gigantic dog!

Mary Ellen Hooper - Mom Troubles

Stand up comedy veteran, Mary Ellen Hooper is one funny mother. She's been making audiences laugh at clubs, colleges and on TV shows such as "The Dennis Miller Show" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" for years. She was even named "Female Comedy of the Year" in 1998. Here, Mary Ellen jokes about the hardships, or maybe just the grumbles, of motherhood such as never having enough time to sleep, shower or even shave both legs. We feel your pain, girl!

Dara O'Briain – Tattoos and Parenting

Irish comedian, and host of popular British show "Mock the Week", Dara O'Briain jokes about friends who are having kids and think they are going to be the cool parents. He then continues to demonstrate how unrealistic being the cool parent is and how it might play out. You just have to watch it yourself—it's that funny.

Lisa Alvarado - On Single Parenting and Dating

Reppin' for single mamas out there, Lisa Alvarado has made all kinds of TV appearances on popular shows such as NBC's "Last Comic Standing" and Nick at Nite's "Funniest Mom in America 2," a portion of which is shown here. Known as "The Latin Queen of Comedy" (she's Peruvian American), Lisa slays with this bit about dating, parenting solo and the challenge of helping her kid with his fourth-grade homework, a task that surely raises the hair on the necks of moms around the world.

Jim Gaffigan — Having 4 Kids

In this bit, when expressing how it feels to have a fourth kid, Gaffigan tells one of the funniest and most re-told parenting jokes to date: "Imagine you are drowning … and then someone hands you a baby." That's a Hall of Famer right there.

Stefanie Wilder Taylor — Pregnant

The hilarious mom of three is the author of "Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay" and "Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic: And Other Opinions I Can't Back Up With Facts." She's a TV personality, a blogger and co-host of popular (and very funny) parenting podcast "For Crying Out Loud" along with Lynette Carolla (Adam Carolla's wife). Yep, she knows parenting humor inside and out. She's also a seasoned stand up comedian, and is so gangster about it that she once performed while very visibly pregnant, and made a very funny joke ...

Hugh Fink — Kids' Negotiation Skills

Comedic legend, Hugh Fink, spits some major parenting truth when he compares his young daughter to a Persian rug dealer in the way that she negotiates at bedtime. The bit is funny because it's true. Toddlers are experts at haggling over bedtimes. They stun us with their sales tactics and negotiation skill, and we usually always end up "buying the rug."

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Tom Papa — The New Kind of Dad

Tom Papa describes the difference between what dads were back in the day when he was a kid and what they are now. He thought that when he had kids, he'd be the king of the castle, just like his dad was. Boy was he wrong.

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