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8 Reasons I Never Feel Guilty Leaving My Kids

Mami rant coming right up: whenever I take a business trip and I tell people about it in advance, it never fails that I'll get asked, "what about the kids?" Oh, and because I'm bilingual, I get to hear it in Spanish, too, "¿y las niñas?"

As if I would ever take off without making sure my daughters are taken care of. Seriously, do people think I'm going to leave them to their own devices without a second thought? Sheesh, give a mother some credit.

It also bugs me a little because I have no doubt that if the situation were reversed and my husband were taking a trip without us, not one person would be all, "what about the kids?" They would just assume that he was leaving them with me.

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I may suffer lots of mom-related guilt, but I never feel guilty when I leave my kids for a couple of days. Here's why:

Hotel beds are almost as good as chocolate.

I don't have time to feel guilty because HOTEL BED! You guys, I get a bed and uninterrupted sleep. You know how often that happens at home? NEVER!

I don't have to clean up after anyone.

Not only do I not have to clean up after everyone else, someone else actually gets paid to clean up after me. You see how I'm doing my part for the economy?

I feel like a queen.

A little alone time on the porcelain throne without children screaming at me through the door always makes me feel regal.

I get complete control and it feels SO good.

I don't even care what's on TV, I go through all the channels at my own pace because I can. Turns out there's never anything on that I really want to watch.

I can wear unpractical shoes.

My shoe choices are not controlled by whether I'll be spending time in a sandbox or playing hopscotch.

My children are well taken care of when I'm gone.

Their dad is there to take care of them and guess what? He's not a babysitter, he's their parent. I totally trust him. Even if he bends the rules a little while I'm gone, I don't care because when he's gone I bend the rules all the time too.

The hugs I get when I come back home are amazing

I know my kids love me, but when they haven't seen me for a couple of days, the love they give me when I get home is incredible.

I come back feeling like I'm Oprah-rich.

I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the richness and challenges of my family life.

Do you think dads have to deal with people guilting them when they take trips alone?

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