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4 Movies I Can't Watch Now That I'm a Mom

I love going to the movies with my kids. Movie time is such a special time for us. We love to get all comfy with popcorn and kick our feet up, lose ourselves in the story and then discuss it afterwards.

But some movies—and we're talking kids movies!—are just too tough for me to watch. I head into them thinking, "Great! I love Disney animation!" and I leave with my heart ripped to shreds.

Sometimes I wonder afterwards, "Damn, was that worth it?"

Here are four movies that, now that I'm a mom, with those weird deep mom feelings, I really shouldn't have subjected myself to.

1. The Good Dinosaur

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So, it was bad enough we had to see the terrifying flood which took the life of Arlo's dad. It was a long, drawn-out death scene that could have been shorter, given the intended audience for the movie.

Then Arlo went on his hero's journey. I sighed. We were in the clear.

Oh dear, halfway though, we had to re-visit the flood AGAIN! As if it wasn't scary enough and nightmare-inducing the first time? This is one that will NOT be going onto my Netflix queue.

2. Inside Out

Now, I'd been warned. Of course, I'd been warned. "Inside Out" is a movie about feelings, so I knew that I'd have some, um, feelings. It started out rough for me—when Riley cried on her first day at a new school, I cried right along with her. I tried to keep my cool, wipe my tears away, but it was tough. I was wrecked. Riley would be scarred for life. I mean, I was scarred for life!

But my kids? They were watching happily, enjoying the movie. So, I thought I was safe. The sad part was over.

[T]hose toys, just holding hands, waiting to fall into the incinerator and DIE? That was a little too much for me.

Oh boy, here comes Bing Bong. And he was pretty much the cutest thing ever. I should have known it couldn't last, but I really wasn't prepared for what would come next: Bing Bong sacrificing himself for Riley. Um, isn't this a kids' movie? A character sacrifices his own life for another character?!

Flood gates officially opened. I cried—buckets.

Now, when my kids want to watch "Inside Out" on demand, I make sure I've got chores to do so that I don't have to watch it again. My heart just can't take it.

3. Finding Nemo

I thought, oh, it's a cute fish movie. This will be perfect for my kids! No more than five minutes in, a terrifying barrarcuda attacks, killing Nemo's mother and his 400 siblings. I turned to my son, and he sat, eyes frozen on the screen, mouth wide open, which pretty much illustrates how I felt, too.

Needless to say, "Finding Nemo" did not make its way into our loop of go-to movies, the ones we watch over and over again.

(That barracuda attack still gives me nightmares.)

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4. Toy Story 3

Now, I love the Toy Story movies. I think they are smart and funny and clever and very deserving of all those Academy Award nominations and wins.

But maybe someone wasn't thinking about the kids who adore Woody and Buzz Lightyear in that last movie? Because those toys, just holding hands, waiting to fall into the incinerator and DIE? That was a little too much for me.

We watch the movie a lot in my house, and when we get to that part, I just hit fast forward. I'm all for explaining lots of things to my kids, but a bunch of characters accepting death and then holding hands as they prepare to die? I think that discussion can wait until they're a bit older.

But definitely before they become parents.

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Photograph by: PIXAR

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