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DIY Valentines for Your Child

1. Mom and Me Journal: Use this notebook to send messages to each other. If your child is reluctant to write back, ask him a question for him to answer. In no time, this book will become a family keepsake. Get the how-to at It's Always Autumn.

2. Conversation Candy Heart Pockets: Send your child a sweet message with this candy-stuffed DIY conversation heart. Simply put candies in a ziplock bag and sandwich between two paper hearts. Get the how-to at Online Labels.

3. Kid Coupons: Give your kid something extra special by giving him coupons for unique experiences like 30 minutes extra screen time or family pizza night. Best part, you can print these for free. Get the how-to at I Can Teach My Child.

4. What I Love About You: You may feel loved, but sometimes it's nice just to read why. Make your child a "What I love about you" card deck telling her why she's so amazing! Get the how-to at The Thinking Closet.

5. Anytime Cards: Sometimes you're not there when your child feels upset or worried. Now you can be there, with these special cards. Write them ahead of time to give encouragement or a just to tell him how much he means to you. These "Open When …" letters will be held on to forever. Get the how-to at The Dating Divas.

6. Feed the Birds: Do you have a little nature lover? Create a homemade birdfeeder kit so she can show love to her feathery friends. It'll be a fun project for the whole family. Get the how-to at Inner Child Fun.

7. Cupid's Arrow: Show him that he's got your heart with this fun cupid's arrow craft. All you need is a black and white photo of your child, a wooden dowel, cardstock and glitter! Get the how-to at Handmade By Kelly.

8. Flour Hearts: While your child is at school, sprinkle pink flour (just add powdered food coloring) to your walkway up to your doorstep. There is sure to be cheers of joy as she walks into the house. Get the how-to at A Practical Wedding.

9. Get Slimed: What kid doesn't love slime? This project is sure to spread the love all over their hands. Get the how-to at Little Bins for Little Hands.

10. I Love You Kaleidoscope: Using a paper towel roll, cellophane, confetti, a silver mirror card and lots of love, you can make your child feel special each time he looks into his kaleidoscope. Get the how-to at Handmade Charlotte.

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