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NFL Dads' Hair Game Is Strong in These Ads for Sunday's Game

Like the moon and the stars, or peanut butter and jelly, dads doing their daughters' hair is one of those timeless traditions that people never seem to get tired of. (Remember this dad who enrolled in beauty school and now arranges his daughter Izzy's hair in elaborate styles? Or these dads, whose Instagram pic of them giving their two girls updos went viral? And don't forget the dad who uses a vacuum to fashion an easy ponytail.)

Pantene knows that people love these heartwarming father-daughter moments, and they're capitalizing on it with four new #DadDo videos featuring NFL players DeAngelo Williams (Pittsburgh Steelers), Benjamin Watson (New Orleans Saints) and Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys) earnestly trying to do their girls' hairdos.

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In William's video, daughter Rhiya sits patiently as dad attempts a pair of twisted pigtails. Cutesy football wordplay accompanies his various moves and mistakes: "Play No. 1: Mist Field of play with detangling spray"; "Play No. 3: Clear defensive tangles with brush." Williams, who has some pretty bangin' hair himself, claims that running through a defensive line is easier than hair because at least, with the former, he has help from his teammates. Hair styling, though, is a solo sport.

In Witten's video, his initial attempts to wrangle Landry's locks into a ballerina bun are so bad that a whistle blows and he's issued a pretend penalty. He ultimately scores a self-declared touchdown with pigtails, although the part down the back is so crooked you'd need Waze to get from Point A to Point B. Still, the guy stepped out of his comfort zone, and I'm sure that I wouldn't do so well given a football at an end zone, so who am I to judge?

The point of the videos as part of Pantene's "Strong Is Beautiful" campaign? To help empower young girls. "Research shows that quality time spent with dads is key in raising daughters who are more self-confident, self-reliant and more successful in school and in their careers," the company's press release reads. "We hope our new series of how-to videos shows dads how easy and fun it can be to spend quality time with their daughters by doing their hair. The quality time spent with their daughters now will foster the next generation of strong and beautiful women."

Considering the message they're trying to deliver, I'm happy to click away (not just me; the vids have gone viral). It's also clear that the girls aren't the only ones benefitting; the men are getting a little bit of a confidence boost as they master the ins and outs of hair clips and ponytail holders.

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I'll take this opportunity to give my husband a shout-out; our older daughter, age 4, has a swoon-worthy head of ringlet curls, and he is most definitely better at combing them into submission than I am.

He's the one who taught me the importance of running my fingers through her hair after misting with detangler (my inclination is always to scrunch, but he has repeatedly promised—and proven—that the key to the perfect coil is softly raking your fingers through). He's the one who encouraged me to order a second wet brush for the shower, where she now likes to spend 30 minutes at a time, singing and bathing her Little People. He's the one who notices when she needs a haircut, who taught her how to tilt her head back as he pours water over her hair, rinsing shampoo away without getting it in her eyes. It's always made me smile when I hear him do that, gently urging, "Back, backbackbackbackback" as he pours. Now I'll smile even wider, knowing that such a seemingly mundane event is not just good for her hair or their bond, but for her soul as well.

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