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30 Signs You Grew Up Watching '90s Movies

Photograph by Youtube

There were some pretty sweet flicks that came out of the '90s. And if you grew up during that glorious time, you probably watched these movies over and over and over again. Most of them are still with you today, affecting the way you see the world and giving you awesome lines to quote. Here are 33 signs that you grew up watching '90s films.

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1. You cannot help but bust out singing "It's cookie time, it's cookie time, it's cookie, ti-ime!" whenever you pass a girl scout cookie stand.

Image via vintageclothesretro.tumblr.com

Sure, "Troop Beverly Hills" technically came out in 1989, but let's be honest, any decade would be happy to claim it. Now come on, let's sing it together, "a box of them would be so ni-i-ice."

2. You loved Lauryn Hill when she was puttin' it down with Pras and Wyclef in the Fugees, but you loved her just as much when she was killin' it with Whoopi.

Image via Giphy.com

You go, Rita Louise Watson! ("Sister Act 2, Back in the Habit," 1993)

3. When you went to France for the first time, you had to go to McDonald's to order a Royale with Cheese.

Image via EST1495.tumblr.com

And thanks to 1995's iconic "Pulp Fiction," you ate it sitting amongst a sea of other backpackers who had excitedly ordered it, as well.

4. After "Fight Club" (1999), you can't help but use a variation of "First rule of Fight Club…" whenever the sweet, sweet opportunity presents itself, which is more often than you may think.

Image via Giphy.com

E.g. First Rule of Moms Who Still Fantasize About Tyler Durden. Don't Talk About Moms Who Still Fantasize About Tyler Durden. (Or something like that.)

5. You are tempted to watch "The Sixth Sense" (1999) again to see if it's just as good as you remember it.

Image via Butlercat.tumblr.com

But you're kinda scared.

6. You've done this somewhere. Admit it.

Image via Giphy.com

And you thought you were being original and funny when you did it. Admit it. ("Titanic," 1997)

7. There's a small part of you that feels unjustifiably confident that you could stave off two home burglars with a can of paint and some broken Christmas tree ornaments.

Image via Giphy.com

There's also a part of you that, looking back at "Home Alone" (1990), thinks, "Wow, that movie was super violent."

8. You still think Alicia Silverstone is queen.

Image via Darlingpanslove.tumblr.com

And you still dream about having her cool computerized clothes closet from "Clueless" (1995).

9. You're still trying to forget about Nicolas Cage's hair in "Con Air" (1997).

Image via Gifbay.com

But you also love to remember it.

10. You miss the immature, knucklehead version of Adam Sandler. You know, the one who drunkenly chases a 10-foot tall taunting penguin.

Image via Giphy.com

And please don't say you've forgotten about the scene when Chris Farley makes out with said penguin in "Billy Madison" (1995).

11. You actually know where the phrase "Bye, Felicia" came from.

Image via Giphy.com

And you love to school all the kids about it. (To all the young 'uns, it's from 1995's "Friday").

12. Johnny Depp and Winona forever …

Image via Giphy.com

Still one of the best. couples. ever. Even though "Edward Scissorhands" was in 1990.

13. We still refuse to let our kids get this mask for Halloween.

Image via Giphy.com

"Scream" (1996) is still one of the best horror movies ever made. RIP, Casey Becker.

14. You still think this line in "Good Will Hunting" (1997) is one of the best burns of all time.

Image via Giphy.com

"How do you like them apples," cocky Harvard douche bag?

15. This notebook toting tomboy in "Harriet the Spy" (1996) made us feel cool to be different.

Image via teendotcom.tumblr.com

And we all wish she had a blog today.

16. Man, you really miss Chris Farley.

Image via theboyfallsfromthesky.tumblr.com

We can still hear him crooning "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" in "Tommy Boy" (1995).

17. Most of your knowledge of U.S. history came from "Forrest Gump" (1994).

Image via Giphy.com

So did one of the most over-referenced quotes of all time. (We're not going to say it!)

18. Every so often, when one of your kids asks you to do something, you answer with, "I'm right on top of that, Rose."

Image via Giphy.com

Sue Ellen in "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" (1991) was such a badass.

19. You have, at least one time, mushed and pulled and stretched your kid's face while saying "Oh there you are, Peter."

Image via Giphy.com

Your kid was very confused, but it was weirdly gratifying. ("Hook," 1991)

20. You still try to live by the words of "Hakuna Matata."

Image via Giphy.com

"Lion King" (1994) is still one of your favorite Disney movies.

21. At some point, when one of your kids was being picky, grouchy or otherwise hard to handle, you busted out "You're killin' me, Smalls!" ("The Sandlot," 1993)

Image via kingave.tumblr.com

22. Your love of ice hockey has nothing to do with Joshua Jackson from "The Mighty Ducks" (1992). Insert winky emoji.

Image via Giphy.com

23. You cried for Willy before you also cried for Tilikum. ("Free Willy," 1993).

Image via Giphy.com

24. We are still reciting the lyrics to "Gangsta's Paradise" from "Dangerous Minds" (1995).

Image via Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films

And we need to stop, if we want any real "street cred" with our kids.

25. You were inspired by Matilda's sense of self.

Image via Giphy.com

You also became a believer in telekineses at a young age. ("Matilda," 1996)

26. You never wanted a British nanny so badly, or was it that you never wanted your dad to secretly dress like a British nanny to be close to you so badly? I don't know.

Image via 1980s-90SGIFS.tumblr.com

You always loved Robin Williams, but "Mrs. Doubtfire" (1993) made you love him to a whole new level, even as ridiculous as the movie really was.

27. You haven't watched and don't dare to watch "My Girl" (1991) because 15 years later, you're still trying to come back from it.

Image via Giphy.com

You may be teary-eyed even looking at this GIF.

28. You still get anxiety just thinking "Jumanji" (1995).

Image via Rebloggy.com

Bad CGI can really get the adrenaline pumping.

29. Jim Carey will always reign supreme as the King of Physical Comedy.

Image via Giphy.com

Come on, what's funnier than talking butt cheeks? ("Ace Ventura," 1994, "The Mask," 1994, "Dumb and Dumber," 1994 ... )

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30. Patrick Verona from "10 Things I Hate About You" (1999) a.k.a. Heath Ledger will always be one of our biggest crushes ever.

Image via Giphy.com

And you never looked at Bratwurst the same way again.

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