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6 Kid Performances That Are Oscar-Worthy

The Academy Awards are upon us, and it seems fitting to also honor those performances that showcase our favorite dramatic and comedic actors: our children. Here are some awards that we think should be recognized:

Best Performance by a Tiny Hairdresser

Cate Blanchett and her perfect waves are no match for aspiring beauty vlogger Aubrey Arnold, who sent chills up and down every parents' spine with her hair-raising portrayal of a kindergartner cutting her own bangs unsupervised. No doubt directors will be lining up to work with 5-year-old Arnold in spite of her now unconventional hairstylebecause she's just so dang cute. Watch the performance here.

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Best Performance by a Super Cute Diner

Is there anything more heart-wrenching than a little boy who can't eat his dinner because it's too adorbs? Uttering the soon-to-be iconic line, "It's just too cute for me to eat," this pint-sized gourmand absolutely cannot bring himself to eat his meal that looks like a smiley face. I'd rather watch this than Leo eating bison liver in "The Revenant" any day. Watch the performance below:

Best Performance by a Little Activist

The granddaughter of Caprina Harris is not having any of President Obama leaving office. Crying uncontrollably when she learns of the President's terming-out, the young girl cries, "I'm not ready. I'm not ready for a new one!" in a performance that will soon have Jennifer Lawrence calling for acting tips. The little thespian already has a huge fan—Obama himself commented on her video debut. Watch the performance here.

Best Performance by an Adorable Artist

The 3-year-old daughter of Australian mom Amy Hermann showed off her mad skills by turning her 18-month-old sister into a zebra—with permanent marker. "I love a zebra!" the little Picasso exclaimed in her star turn as a creative genius. She's a shoe-in for an award next year if "Zootopia" gets nominated. Watch the performance here.

Best Performance by The Sweetest Restaurant Critic Ever

In what is the most honest performance this awards season, this little boy tells it like is when confronted with his dinner of a Sloppy Joe. "It's poop," he exclaims, a line that is quickly becoming my favorite quote of all time. I think "The Martian" could have used more dialogue like this. Watch the performance below:

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Best Performance by a Rad Dancing Machine

In this video, 7-year-old John Phillip Bughaw (aka Balang) gives a performance of a lifetime to Justin Bieber's "Sorry." Don't be surprised if you see Balang walking the red carpet soon; he's already been on "Ellen." Move over Ryan Gosling, there's a new heartbreaker in town. Watch the performance below:

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