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The New 'Ghostbusters' Trailer Is Here!

Hold on to your proton packs because the ladies have arrived!

Yesterday, among several fans dressed in full Ghostbusters gear (aka "Ghostheads") and a small gathering of press, Sony gave a sneak peak of the first trailer for the upcoming reboot of the beloved '80s beloved classic "Ghostbusters," which officially dropped today. And IT IS AWESOME.

On hand to present the trailer at the fan event were director/writer/producer Paul Feig, co-writer Katie Dippold and producer Ivan Reitman, who was the director of the original "Ghostbuster" films. Right before we were shown the trailer, Feig expressed how nervous he was, but he needn't have worried. As soon as it ended, the room exploded into cheers and demands to be shown the trailer once more, which Feig was happy to oblige.

Afterwards, Feig, Dippold and Reitman participated in a Q & A session moderated by Fandango's Dave Karger, and that was followed by photo ops where mom.me got a chance to chat with Feig.

The new quartet is similar to the original with three scientists and an "everyman."

Paul Feig: It was really important to us to make them scientists; that's what I love about the first one. It's an idea Harold (Ramis) had, of people fighting the paranormal with science—funny people. Kristen (Wiig)'s character, she's a particle physicist; Melissa (McCarthy)'s character is an expert in the paranormal; Kate McKinnon is a nuclear engineer who creates their inventions; and Leslie Jones knows New York really well, so she's kinda their guide through New York.

Katie Dippold: It was important for us to have the everyman, like in the original, because we talked to so many physicists and tried to download science, and I would just listen to people talk and be like, "What? What are you saying to me?" So it's so fun, for me, like in the original, to see that person you could relate to.

Why they choose to bring back the 'Ghostbusters'

Paul Feig: This is such an amazing franchise, that had two amazing movies but it could just keep going, there's so many things you could do with it. It just seemed terrible to just leave it in a box, and the same time, there was something exciting about the idea of like, "Let's bring it to a new generation" but let this team see an origin story.

Your favorite things about the original will be back.

Paul Feig: Slimer makes a quick appearance—I don't want to give anything away. You know the things you love the most, they all show up in one way or another.

Ivan Reitman saw something special in the original quartet, and he feels the same about this one.

Ivan Reitman: People love the original quartet, and it's very tough to come up with that combination. I've often talked about the moment I first saw the original "Ghostbusters" walk down Madison Avenue, the first day of shooting. There was this little tingle in my back, that said, "Oh, this is special." There was something about the iconography of it. And, I really got, honestly, the same feeling when I saw these four women. It was no issue of gender, it was really, "Oh my God, there's something unique about these four together." Paul did an extraordinary job putting them together.

The original song is back ... in a few ways.

Paul Feig: You can't do "Ghostbusters" without that song. But we're playing not only with the original one, which you'll hear somewhere, but also some new versions of it.

You can take your kids to see it! (Maybe.)

Paul Feig to mom.me: Well, it's going to be rated PG-13, mainly for language. But, if your kids are OK with the first one, then they will be fine to see this one.

"Ghostbusters" opens this summer.

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