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Hold Your Hippogriffs! There Might Be a Harry Potter Yule Ball

Break out your dress robes! If you (or your kids … or maybe just you) are huge Harry Potter fans, then you've likely always dreamed of attending a Hogwarts Yule Ball. And now, it just might be a real thing you can do!

Universal Studios Orlando, the home of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, sent out an email survey this week asking guests to give feedback about some potential events.

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The holiday-focused list included Halloween Horror Nights, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and a Wizarding World of Harry Potter Holiday Parade (sorry to steal your thunder, Mickey!), just to name a few. But what took up a huge portion of the survey was the Hogwarts Yule Ball and Great Dance Hall Dinner.

Gif via giphy/Warner Bros. Pictures

The Orlando Informer described the to-be-determined separately ticketed event as one where "guests wear dress robes and dine/dance at a festive holiday Yule Ball with themed music, dancing, food and beverages."

Gif via Buzzfeed/Warner Bros. Pictures

Ummm, say no more. We. are. in. (Just please have a Yule Ball in the Harry Potter theme park here in Hollywood, too! But we'll go on a cross-country trip if we have to. You know, for the kids.)

The survey doesn't guarantee the event will happen, so don't count your owls before they are delivered. But it's a way for executives to gauge what people think about park changes they're considering. So hold on to your wands, wizards and little wizards, and hope that we can all soon dance the night away.

Gif via Tumblr/Warner Bros. Pictures

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