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ShondaLand Wants You to Get With Hillary

Thursday night, ShondaLand fans anticipated their weekly binge-fest of back-to-back Shonda Rhimes-created shows, but what they didn't know was that "Grey's Anatomy," "Scandal" and "How to Get Away With Murder" would come with a side of Hillary Clinton endorsement from the shows' stars—and Rhimes herself—in the form of a commercial.

The project, which was very hush-hush and somehow managed to stay a secret until Thursday's unveiling, was released in anticipation of primaries in states like Florida, Ohio and Illinois, which will be held on March 15.

The spot, entitled "Real Life," was directed by Tony Goldwyn—another ShondaLand star you may know as President Fitzgerald Grant from "Scandal"—and features Kerry Washington, Ellen Pompeo, Viola Davis and Shonda Rhimes collaborating with a collective message. "Every day, I wake up and play a brilliant, complex, overqualified, get-it-done woman, who obsessively fights for justice, who cares, who gives a voice to the voiceless, who gets knocked down and always gets back up," the women say in the commercial. "I make television filled with the kinds of characters I imagine we all can be. Strong, but flawed; human, but extraordinary. Our characters are on television but the real world … the real world has Hillary Clinton."

According to Goldwyn, "it was absolutely a passion project for a bunch of super-busy people and a testament to how much we feel a responsibility to use our platform and our voice."

Of course, this isn't the first time big celebrities have endorsed former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Ricky Martin officially came out as Team Hillary last December, America Ferrera has donated to Clinton's campaign and Marc Anthony has gone as far as pulling Clinton up on stage with him during a concert. This might, however, be the first time that badass fictional female characters from hit TV shows have been compared to the candidate in such a flattering way—and used to endorse her.

Clinton even tweeted, thanks to the Hollywood power crew:

Earlier this year, Kerry Washington and other celebs also started a petition and hashtag #StopHateDumpTrump to speak out against the politics of hate and exclusion that the group said Trump represents.

Tell us: Does having the women who play Olivia Pope, Meredith Grey and Annalise Keating declare, "I'm with Hillary" make you more prone to voting for Clinton? Or does it make you wish Olivia Pope were running for president?

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