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Fun Games That Keep Your Family Fit

These days, it seems like the only exercise kids get is with their thumbs. Wiis and Xboxes have replaced backyard time, and many schools have cut gym class. The antidote to all this childhood inertia? You. "It's up to parents to show their kids how good it feels to get moving," says David L. Katz, M.D., an associate professor of public health and director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center.

Studies have shown that when kids see their parents enjoying exercise, they're more likely to want to do it, too. And with children's health at stake, game manufacturers are waking up to the fact that families want fun ways to be active together. We've found ones that will get your entire clan off the couch. The best part? You'll all be having too much fun to realize that you're getting healthy!

Give kids at home what they're missing in school: Only two states (Illinois and Massachusetts) require gym class to be offered in all grades.

Check out These Fun, Family-Friendly Games:

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