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Beyoncé Is More Proud of Blue Than Her Money. Is This a Bad Thing?

Photograph by Tumblr

No one escapes the giant eye of mom judgment—not even Beyoncé, apparently. The superstar is getting backlash for recent comments about her grandest achievement. In an upcoming interview with Garage magazine, the singer said, "Out of everything I've accomplished, my proudest moment hands down was when I gave birth to my daughter Blue."

Cue Internet meltdown.

Many are puzzled by Beyoncé's view. Are we really to believe that a baby might be more noteworthy than 20 Grammy awards or amassing hundreds of millions of dollars? At the heart of this criticism lies an insinuation that having a baby isn't really an accomplishment. Anyone can have one, right? (Try telling that anyone who's had trouble conceiving!)

"What ever happened to feminism?" pleads this line of criticism.

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What this view ignores is that a woman's ability to determine her own views and values is at the heart of feminism. Motherhood is a transformative experience for so many, why should it be less so for Beyoncé? You simply don't get to tell her what should be most important to her.

Another kind of critic laments that "domestic" values must always come first for women. This suggests that Beyoncé only said her daughter is her greatest achievement because women get judged—harder—for championing work over family. One such critic says Beyoncé is constrained by cultural norms that require her to care about babies above all else, whether she wants to or not.

To this, I have to say, do you even know Beyoncé? She's one of the most powerful women in the world. Everything she does, she does without apology. Her artistic work has challenged cultural norms about what it means to be a woman, wife and mother. Few women have the ability to truly live according to their own rules, but Beyoncé is certainly one of them.

I mean, she doesn't follow anyone on Instagram. Need we say more?

Perhaps, when Beyoncé tells us she's proudest of her daughter Blue, we should believe her.

Although I'm an average, non-superstar mom, I appreciate the discussion, because I know what Beyoncé is talking about. In fact, this might be the only thing I have in common with Beyoncé. Pushing my daughter into the world and the moment she was placed in my arms? My whole universe was shattered and recomposed in an instant. Without a doubt, giving birth is the most wondrous thing of which I've ever been a part. It was me going to my farthest edge of pain and fear, and coming back with a baby.

Just as much as feminism empowers us to lean out toward out careers, it empowers us to lean in toward our families. Make no mistake, motherhood is hard. It's putting on a show seven nights a week for a pint-size audience. There's no wind machine here.

Like every mom, I'm no stranger to being on the receiving end of judgment for my decisions. Did you go back to work right away? Did you take extended time off? Did you breastfeed or use formula? Did you have an only child or too many? There's no winning. So maybe we moms need to stop playing.

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Beyoncé would be getting backlash no matter how she answered the question.

If you've listened to Beyoncé's latest single "Formation," then you know what Beyoncé thinks about causing all this conversation.

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