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Camila Alves, Agatha Achindu Launch Flash-Frozen Baby Food Line

Camila Alves, model and mama of three, has teamed up with mom and chef Agatha Achindu to create Yummy Spoonfuls, organic flash-frozen baby and toddler food that's arriving exclusively at Target on June 12.

The mom entrepreneurs celebrated the launch at a sun-drenched estate in Beverly Hills, with other celebrity moms including Reese Witherspoon, Tamera Mowry and Anne Hathaway arriving to show their support.

Inspired by ingredients from Alves' native Brazil and Achindu's birth country of Cameroon, the moms wanted to include organic foods from those locales.

"From South America, you grow up with rice and beans. That's a staple for us," Alves told mom.me. "I was like, 'Let's make sure we have rice and beans.' [Yummy Spoonfuls has] brown rice, pinto beans and turkey all together, and it's great."

"It's almost the same with us," Achindu added about her native Cameroon. "We do the rice and beans with avocado and mango, adzuki beans. Those are all good. And [Yummy Spoonfuls has] mango avocado. We have adzuki beans and sweet potato. And, of course, we have the basic things: applesauce, peas and carrots, zucchini."

And unlike most baby and toddler food, you'll find Yummy Spoonfuls pouches and meals in the freezer aisle. That's because the flash-frozen line is free of preservatives.

"We had one goal, and the goal was to bring the best kind of food for babies and toddlers without any of the bad stuff. That was our mission and we just stuck to it," Alves said. "And no matter what happened, we just kept going. We kept pushing."

Achindu stressed that the pair wanted to create a convenient, on-the-go version of what moms like to produce in their own kitchens at home.

"It was important to us to bring to the moms out there the same high-quality food we feed our kids," she said. "At home, we don't use ascorbic acid, we don't use citric acid. We don't pasteurize and put food on the shelves. It's the same thing."

That said, both Alves and Achindu admit that they had their challenges, including meeting with more than 100 manufacturers before finding one that could accommodate their needs.

"It wasn't the easiest, but it's something that we're proud that we stuck to," Achindu said.

So, how does it taste? Just ask their kids, who Alves and Achidu say were involved with every step of the taste-testing process.

"They love it," Achindu said.

Alves agreed, "They're good judges of what worked for them."

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