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11 Tips for Snapchatting Like a Celeb Mom

I'm a grown-ass adult who's worked in digital and social media for years. I've embraced all the new platforms as they've come (and gone). But I'll be honest with you, it has been a struggle to get into Snapchat.

As the app says, Snapchat "Lets you easily talk with friends, view Live Stories from around the world, and explore news in Discover. Life's more fun when you live in the moment!"

I like fun. I like to live in the moment. I like to use filters that make me look like a cute puppy. But, it turns out, I need some guidance: what to snap, what to say, the point of it all. So who better to hold my hand than these, celebrity moms, who have figured it all out and use Snapchat like a pro?

Reese Witherspoon: Use Snapchat to pass the time

There is a whole lot of waiting in life—the lines at Costco, soccer practice, on your child who is taking FOREVER to pick out a present at Toys-R-Us. Or, like Reese Witherspoon, waiting to go to the set. As Reese shows us here, it's an amusing way to keep occupied while you're idle.

Alyssa Milano, Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow: the Filters!

One of the most irresistible things about Snapchat are the super cute animal filters. It doesnt matter if you're a mom, not 15, a former '80s TV star, a super model or an A-list actress, no one can resist the call to snap with cute puppy filters.

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Jenna Dewan: the platform to be goofy

Embrace your goofy side and share it with the world using one of Snapchat's morphtastic filters like this alien-ish one that Jenna Dewan used with creepy results.

Gisele Bundchen: how the pretty look even prettier

There are filters that will make you look oh-so-pretty with shiny eyes, evened out skin and even a halo of flowers. Sure, it helps if you're a supermodel, but the results with some of these filters is pretty awesome for us mere mortals, too.

Jessica Alba: shout out to your pals

Want to compliment one of your pals in a public way (for 24 hours that is)? Use Snapchat to share your love. Go beyond the mere images of Instagram or Facebook. Plaster your snap with hearts and sweet messages.

Kate Hudson: Thank the boss

You should always give kudos to your employers when it's deserved. Kate Hudson used Snapchat to give thanks to director Garry Marshall for the gig.

Chrissy Teigen: oversharing?

We share much with our partners: our beds, our bodies and in the case of Snapchat, our faces. The face swap option on Snapchat is creepy, cool, and hilarious.

Nicole Richie: upgrade the Target run

Snapchat can make even the more mundane events (like going to Target) seem like a rollicking good time. Nicole Richie shared her trip to Target with her gal pals and made it epic.

Busy Philipps: the new mom blog?

Who doesn't love a cute photo of a kid? Add in stickers and parenting wisdom and you have Snapchat gold!

Snooki: revenue, baby!

Celebrities, especially the reality TV kind, are pros at using social media for financial gains (and really, can you blame them?). Snooki uses Snapchat to bring home the bacon!

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January Jones: all the perks, none of the snaps

And really, you don't NEED to use Snapchat to enjoy some of the perks of Snapchat. If you don't want to chat, post videos of your afternoon Starbucks run or inspire happiness by puking rainbows, you don't have to. You can always just get Snapchat on your phone and play with it as a casual user. And you should, because those flower crowns are SWEET.

If you're just getting started on Snapchat, give momdotme a follow. We'll follow you back! And if you want to delve deeper into Snapchat (and you're one of those "influencer"types) you should check out "Snapchat for Influencers" by Amy Bellgardt and Jessi Sanfilippo—both social-media savvy, snapchatting moms.

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