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'BattleBots' Mom Jessica Carlberg: The Motherhood Questionnaire

Jessica Carlberg is ready to shift into overdrive.

The mom of three and chief operating officer of the C2 Robotics team will be debuting competitive robot OverDrive on the second season of "BattleBots," premiering June 23 on ABC, alongside her husband and children.

Carlberg, a San Luis Obispo, Calif.-based architect by trade, talked to mom.me over email about girl power, family dynamics and how she got her start working with 'bots.

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What inspired you to start working on badass robots?

You might say I got drafted into it! I met my husband Christian about 20 years ago, when the robot-fighting sport was new. Besides the usual dinner and movies, he also put me to work during our dates building and helping.

What are the best and most challenging parts about working with family on a robotics team, as well as a show like "BattleBots"?

I think communication and logistics are a key element of every team. Now that I am a mom, I was mainly interested in making sure our three kids were up to date on homework and chores before they helped Dad in the garage.

You're showing serious #girlpower and #mompower. What do you want your kids to learn or take away from your experience?

Actually, I wanted our kids to learn and make their own experiences, not learn from mine. There are not too many pre-teen kids who can take the equivalent of an engineering course right out of their own garage at night. I want them to learn the value of problem-solving and resourcefulness.

What quality makes for a good mom?


What did you think you'd be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an architect from an early age, and that's what I do today.

What trait do you hope your children inherit from you?

My freckles. And maybe sense of humor, too.

What is your idea of misery?

As corny and clich├ęd as it sounds, being away from my family for too long.

What is the social media platform you can't live without?


What was the last thing you binge watched?

"House of Cards."

What talent do you wish you had?

I wish I could play the piano.

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