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Streaming Scary Movies for Halloween

Creative costume? Check. Trick-or-treating plans? Check. Scary movies? Yikes! Fear not, we've rounded up some of the best scary movies currently streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix. From Halloween laughs for little kids to creepy thrills for teens, there's something for every member of the family. As you know, it's not always possible to predict what will frighten a particular kid, so check out our scary-movie tips to help you decide on the movie with just the right amount of spookiness for your family.

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Funny Scary: Best for Younger Kids

  • Room on the Broom, age 3+, Netflix and Amazon Prime. With its memorable rhymes and funny plot, this short and sweet book-based adventure about a generous witch is perfect for preschoolers.
  • Dear Dracula, age 5+, Netflix. For a Halloween movie about an iconic monster, there's no scariness to fear; in fact, this sweet story of friendship is a treat for the family.
  • Scared Shrekless, age 6+, Netflix. The Halloween theme and spooky setting call for ghostly voices and some very mild peril. But fear not — none of this makes it off limits for kids.
  • Girl vs. Monster, age 7+, Netflix. For families who like Halloween thrills without the slasher-style blood spills, this Disney Channel movie about a girl who finds out her parents are monster hunters is a fun-filled lesson in the joys of conquering your fears.
  • Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, age 10+, Netflix. If you're looking for some kooky with your spooky, this stop-motion animated movie about a man who accidentally marries a corpse has some mild yet magical scares for tweens.

Classic Scary: Best for Tweens and Teens

  • Escape to Witch Mountain, age 7+, Netflix. Tia and Tony use their magical powers to escape an evil millionaire and return home in this family-friendly Disney adventure.
  • Gremlins, age 12+, Amazon Prime. This comic horror classic is plenty scary — especially if you don’t follow the basic rules of owning a mogwai.
  • Jaws, age 13+, Netflix. Steven Spielberg's great-white-shark tale still delivers tons of terror with its suspenseful two-note "shark attack" music.
  • Carrie, age 15+, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Stephen King's disturbing prom horror classic is far less graphic than other horror movies, but it does include some intense, emotional scenes of violence, death and destruction.
  • Rosemary's Baby, age 16+, Amazon Prime. This Oscar-winning movie about a woman who gives birth to a demonic child is watch-behind-your-fingers scary.
  • The Silence of the Lambs, age 17+, Hulu. Anthony Hopkins' performance in this Oscar-winning horror thriller turned the serial killer Hannibal Lecter into an iconic villain. Best for only the bravest family members.

Creepy Scary: Best for Teens

  • Maggie, age 14+, Hulu and Amazon Prime. How far will Arnold Schwarzenegger's character go to save his daughter in this dramatic zombie thriller?
  • The Others, age 14+, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Nicole Kidman stars in this unique ghost story that's extremely creepy and suspenseful — but not gory.
  • The Woman in Black, age 14+, Amazon Prime. Daniel Radcliffe stars in this spooky book-based ghost story that's full of jump-out-of-your-seat scares and scream-worthy scenes.
  • The Blair Witch Project, age 16+, Hulu. This groundbreaking '90s found-footage horror movie about three film students who get lost in the woods isn't gory but is still terrifying.
  • The Witch, age 17+, Amazon Prime. Set in the 1630s, this intense and fascinating Puritan horror tale has blood and gore and will have teens wondering if there's really an evil witch in the woods — and what's happening to the family.

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