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Chrissy Teigen Dishes on Daughter Luna's First Christmas

Chrissy Teigen is #HolidayGoals!

Mom.me sister site Wonderwall.com caught up with the supermodel mama as she prepared to host a King's Feast dinner as part of Stella Artois' Host One to Remember campaign and got the inside scoop on her plans for her first Christmas as a mom and on the upcoming "simpler" (but not necessarily easier!) followup to her New York Times bestselling cookbook "Cravings." John Legend's missus also dished on their daughter, Luna, and which parent she's taking after more these days, why they make all of her baby food themselves, the holiday tradition they're most excited to introduce her to and more! Keep reading for the highlights.

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Chrissy Teigen on who daughter Luna takes after more these days:

She's getting quite sassy. She's turning into me, for sure. When she was first born, everyone was like, 'This is John's baby. She's got John's face—John's everything.' Now, she makes these sassy faces, and she looks like me. She gives you a look where you're like, 'Oh my gosh, whatever that was, I don't want to do it again.' In one look! She definitely is starting to look a lot more like me. She's impatient. She wants what she wants when she wants it. I like her. She's gonna be a very strong woman. I'm not mad at it. We're not gonna do the whole, like, best friends thing. I'm definitely always going to be her mother. But it is cool to see this side of her—this strong side. I like it. She'll always be John's baby, and hopefully she'll get a nice balance of us both.

Chrissy Teigen on appearing with Luna in John Legend's "Love Me Now" music video:

When I watch [his music video for] 'All of Me,' my mind automatically goes [back]. That was literally shot the day before we got married in Lake Como. … I don't have a lot of videos of myself growing up—it wasn't something that my parents thought about doing. We don't have reels upon reels of video. I have some photos, of course. But it's gonna be really cool for Luna to be able to grow up and see that she has all these special moments captured on camera. To see her little face when both of us are kissing her [in the 'Love Me Now' video] and she just kind of melts into our faces—it's so cute and something so cool to have for the rest of time.

Chrissy Teigen on whether or not Luna recognizes dad John Legend's music yet:

When he shows up on television, it's never quite what you expect or what you want it to be. He was on 'Good Morning America,' and they were playing a snippet of the video—literally she was on TV, and he was there talking about her—and I'm like, 'Look, it's Papa! It's Papa!' But she just wanted her Sophie [giraffe doll]. She's like, 'This is cool, but I want my Sophie giraffe.' She doesn't quite grasp it yet. But I'm sure it'll be really cool when she does.

Chrissy Teigen on the holiday tradition she's most excited to share with Luna:

In my family—I know a lot of people probably do this, but my dad blames it on his Norwegian heritage—we open presents on Christmas Eve night. I feel like it's such a nice time to do it because your belly is so full from a wonderful meal—and the lighting is great. Everyone wants to take pictures now. Everyone's Snapchatting everything. I don't want to do that at 7 in the morning. No. It's cold. I don't feel good. I don't look good. Let's do this at night. Then we do stockings in the morning. So I think Luna's definitely gonna love that part of it. I know no other way than that, so hopefully she doesn't get bummed out that all her friends are doing the Christmas morning thing and she doesn't get to run down the stairs. But I think there will be something special about it just knowing that we have a family history of it.

Chrissy Teigen on Luna's first Christmas tree:

Babies are just in awe of everything all the time, but one thing she's always been crazy about—of course, totally opposite of me—is that she really loves nature and the outdoors. To calm her down, we just bring her outside and let her touch the leaves. It brings her to a happy place. So to have an entire tree indoors—I'm sure she's gonna be so, so happy. I can't wait to see her eyes light up. It's gonna be really cool. We have very high ceilings—I'm excited for this massive, massive tree. John and I haven't had a tree for so many years now because we've traveled over the holidays or we've lived in a little New York apartment. So it will be cool to have a big, big tree here.

It's gonna be really cool for Luna to be able to grow up and see that she has all these special moments captured on camera.

Chrissy Teigen on why she makes Luna's baby food herself:

We are not the most holistic, organic, green-everything people. We try anything. We eat everything. But obviously we want her to eat healthy. Preparing her meals, it's not just us being like, 'I don't trust packaged foods,' or 'I don't believe in putting this in her body.' I just enjoy doing it. I Iove to cook, and if I can, then why not? It actually gives me this sense of pride seeing her eat something that I made—even when it's just unseasoned boiled green beans that have been puréed. I still get a sense of a joy out of it that I feel like I wouldn't get necessarily if I was just twisting off a packet of food. It has nothing to do with not liking what's in there or whatever. It's just a bonding thing for us and I just really enjoy doing it.

Photograph by Instagram

Chrissy Teigen on why she's teaching Luna to love greens:

She's just on green beans right now. We're trying to figure out if she has a little allergy to it or something, so we've kinda moved on to spinach, which she loves. But it's so funny: Anytime you give her her first bite of anything, it's pretty cool. We're getting green things out of the way because we don't want to give her yams right now and then have her be like, 'Damn, all food is delicious!' and then all of a sudden not like broccoli. You want to get them in with the green stuff and then spring the yams on them.

Chrissy Teigen on her upcoming cookbook "Cravings 2":

You can expect 'Cravings 2' to be out in the fall. I'm very, very excited because I really wanted my last one to be out in time for the holidays, but it wasn't perfect, and I just know that this one is going to be perfect come fall. I'm so excited for it! I'm so excited for people to fall in love with this book because the response to the first one was so phenomenal, and I'm incredibly lucky to be tagged in every photo of every recipe that they make. I try to like them all. I really love it. It's really a beautiful, cool thing. So I just want to say thank you to everybody for loving it.

Chrissy Teigen on why "Cravings 2" will consist of simpler recipes:

Everyone thinks it has to do with the baby—and, of course, it does. What I used to make on a random Tuesday night, I no longer have the energy for on an empty Sunday. It's just tough. I wanted things to be simpler, for sure, but I didn't want to use the word 'easy' because sometimes I feel like with the word 'easy' comes this thought of tasting easy, and I don't want anything to taste like it took 20 minutes. I want it to taste like it has love and heart and soul in it. … So rather than requesting somebody spend 20 minutes picking herbs and chopping them and finely dicing them, we're gonna say that it's acceptable to use dried oregano. It'll be simpler in that way. So you still get the same bold flavors without feeling like you're compromising anything just by having it be a little bit simpler of a meal.

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