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Jaime King Reveals How She Taught Her Kids to Read

Photograph by Instagram

The line between science-fiction and reality blurs in the life of model-actress Jaime King, a diehard "Star Wars" fan who recently teamed up with Verizon to launch "Rogue One: Recon - A Star Wars 360 Experience." The "Clone Wars" voice actress's affection for the franchise is no secret, but we didn't realize the full depth of her obsession until we caught up with her in Los Angeles earlier this week. While chatting with Wonderwall.com, the mother of two also opened up about how technology helps her parent, why she limits her sons' use of tech and how her kids learned to read before they could speak. Keep reading to get the scoop on Jaime's intense "Star Wars" fandom.

Jaime King on how she allows her children to use technology:

I don't really actually allow my children to use iPads or iPhones. It's very, very, very rare. The new studies that have come out have shown that if a child is 18 months old or under, they should not have any screen time at all. If they're 4 years old or under, they should be limited to an hour or so a day. I allow James Knight to watch things that he loves like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" or something along those lines—like something that's a great film. But not just junk.

Jaime King on how her kids learned to read as infants:

The one thing that I've always done since they were babies is something called "Your Baby Can Read!" My children [James Knight and Leo Thames Newman] have been able to read flashcards since they were 6 months old—before they could even speak. That's something that really changed things for me as a mom that I utilize technology for. It's just a simple DVD. But that's the only, only time they get screen time is specifically "Your Baby Can Read!" because it's really a game-changer.

Jaime King on how technology has helped her as a mom:

Photograph by Instagram

The way that technology changed my life in regards to [my kids] is the ability to connect with other parents and other people. I look at [my business partners], and we met each other online through Instagram. A lot of the people who I collaborate with, I've been very blessed because I met these people and connected online. There's something really beautiful about that because rather than spiraling into negativity and judgment and comparisons, I found incredible, incredible people who I get to connect with. Some moms are stay-at-home moms who make clothes at home. My mom did the same thing, and if my mom had that opportunity [to connect with strangers online], it would be a really different story for her. It's just really cool that all parents have different outlets now to connect with each other.

Jaime King on sharing "Star Wars" with her sons:

They know every character. They know every sound that they make. They know what planets they're from and what galaxy. They know it all—everything, not just Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.

Jaime King on the significance of her older son's name:

James Knight is named because of a Jedi Knight. It's also a nod to James King, so it's blending who I am and what that universe is.

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