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25 Must-See Holiday Movies for Moms Who Cut the Cord

Photograph by Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions

Two years ago, I cut the cord. And the vast majority of the time, I don’t even notice the cable is gone. I have both Netflix and Hulu, which I stream through my Apple TV, giving me access to anything I could possibly want to watch … and then some. All for the grand price of $15.98 a month.

I’m telling you, it's the best decision I’ve ever made.

But last Christmas I did have a bit of a panic. You see, I am a sucker for sappy, romantic, over-the-top and super cheesy holiday movies. I can’t help it. They are totally my guilty pleasure. Every year prior to cutting the cord, I would spend the entire month of December glued to the Hallmark Channel, ABC Family and Lifetime, just soaking in all the made-for-TV Christmas goodness they had to churn out.

It was kind of my holiday tradition.

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So I was worried my first year after cutting the cord that I wouldn’t have the same kind of access. The Hallmark channel was one of the last holdouts on streaming (though you can now download their app for $5.99 a month, which I totally do just for the month of December!) and I wasn’t sure I would be able to find my favorite holiday films.

I should have known better. Because between Netflix, Hulu, and the Feeln app, there are more sappy, romantic, over-the-top and super cheesy holiday movies to be streamed than I could ever possibly make it through in just a single month.

Lucky for you, I’ve watched all of them. And I’ve got a list of my favorites and where you can stream them:

Photograph by Photofest

1. "12 Dates of Christmas" (2011, Netflix): Amy Smart is adorable in this as she is forced to relive Christmas Eve over and over again until she gets her date with Mark-Paul Gosselaar (and the rest of her life) right.

2. "Love at the Christmas Table" (2012, Hulu): This sweet movie follows two childhood friends through every Christmas their families force them to spend together… until it isn’t quite so forced anymore.

3. "Christmas With Holly" (2012, Feeln): This movie follows a little girl traumatized by her mother’s death, her hot uncle doing his best to raise her now, and a mystery woman in town who might just be the answer they didn’t even know they were looking for. All the feels!

4. "All I Want for Christmas" (2007, Netflix): This cute movie is about a single mom whose son wants to see her find love for Christmas, so he goes all out to help her find it.

5. "Coming Home for Christmas" (2013, Hulu): A family torn apart can only be saved by two estranged sisters who have to fight to bring their parents back to the home they grew up in.

6. "Back to Christmas" (2014, Feeln): If you could go back to any Christmas and change the way things turned out, which would you choose? This one is about a woman who yearns to do just that, hoping to fix her failed engagement in the process.

7. "A Christmas Kiss" (2011, Netflix): Kissing your boss’ boyfriend in an elevator is never a good idea, but things get messy (and adorable) in this movie when that boyfriend doesn’t even recognize his Christmas kiss after the fact.

8. "Dear Santa" (2011, Hulu): When a spoiled party girl finds a lost letter to Santa, her entire life is flipped upside down as she tracks down the original writer and winds up finding a greater purpose in the process.

9. "Christmas Angel" (2012, Feeln): What happens when a little girl wishes for a dad for Christmas? Magic, that’s what.

Photograph by Arc Entertainment

10. "An Evergreen Christmas" (2014, Netflix): A singer finds herself back at the family Christmas tree farm when her father dies, faced with pursuing her dreams or saving her family’s legacy.

11. "Christmas Town" (2008, Hulu): No matter how big a Grinch this movie’s heroine may be, she can’t deny the spirit of Christmas when she visits a town that seems as though it may just be Santa’s headquarters.

12. "Santa Baby" (2006, Feeln): Jenny McCarthy as a businesswoman who also just so happens to be Santa’s daughter… there is just so much to love!

13. "The Christmas Card" (2006, Netflix): This is the holiday movie that feels like a Nicholas Spark’s novel, with a soldier home on leave seeking out the woman who sent Christmas cards to active duty troops, one of which he received.

14. "Christmas Crush" (2012, Hulu): A high school reunion taking place within a holiday movie? Everything about that concept is perfect.

15. "Another Christmas Kiss" (2014, Feeln): The sequel to the original "Christmas Kiss," this one has a similar premise, just with different kissers involved!

16. "Hitched for the Holidays" (2012, Netflix): Joey Lawrence stars in this movie as a commitment phobe who wants his family off his back, so he goes online and finds a woman to pose as his fiancé for the holidays.

17. "Christmas Belle" (2013, Hulu): Haylie Duff plays Belle in this modern day Christmas adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast" (with a beast who is just angry at the world, but otherwise gorgeous).

18. "Paper Angels" (2014, Feeln): I don’t know about you, but I love Josie Bissett. So watching her leave an alcoholic husband and somehow still find happiness for the holidays is pretty much the epitome of cheesy holiday movies to me.

19. "Christmas Ranch" (2016, Netflix): Of course there is a ranch that needs to be saved in time for Christmas, and a rebellious teenage girl is just the person to save it.

20. "A Snow Globe Christmas" (2013, Hulu): A too-busy-for-feelings TV exec gets sucked into the perfect Christmas town she's been working so hard to create. And no matter how much she fights it, of course she comes to realize just how much better it is.

21. "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas" (2013, Feeln): A rom-com about a rock star who heads to a small town for some image repair, only to wind up falling in love and realizing the true meaning of Christmas.

22. "Small Town Santa" (2014, Netflix): There's a new girl in town and a hot sheriff who can’t seem to get into the holiday spirit. Of course he’ll be a true believer after this Christmas eve.

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23. "My Santa" (2013, Hulu): This single mom thinks she has simply taken her son to see a generic Santa, totally unaware he’s actually got some pretty close ties to the man in red.

24. "Silver Bells" (2005, Feeln): A runaway, a widow, and a love connection … this is what sappy Christmas movies are all about

25. "A Christmas Wish" (2011, Hulu): Kristy Swanson is homeless with her kids for the holidays, so of course a small town is going to come together to help them.

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