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Moms Rule Social Media

Any mom worth her smartphone knows that social media can be a savior when you're isolated at home with no one but a toddler to talk to, or killing time in the car pool line, or looking for a distraction at work. But now marketers and researchers are discovering just how social media savvy moms have become. Consider these stats from a recently-released Neilsen survey:

  • Three out of four moms are Facebook regulars
  • At least half of all moms use social media on mobile devices, compared to 37% of the general online population
  • Moms are 38% more likely than others to follow a blog online
  • They make up one-third of Pinterest's unique visitors, and
  • One in every three bloggers is a mom

So-called "old media" formats are re-inventing themselves around social media too. Take the new Ricki Lake Show for instance. For its 3rd episode, which airs today (September 12), the smart folks at Ricki invited a social media savvy audience (including!) to the studio to become 'Friends of Ricki'.

"On TV screens, viewers are able to watch the conversation," Lake told "Through social media, they can join it. It's that interactivity and ability to connect with so many people that's exciting to me—and why I started 'Friends of Ricki' in the first place."

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For more info on moms and social media, check out Nielsen's cool infographic below.

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