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Celebrity Post-Baby Body Secrets Revealed

The new mother is a delicate creature. Hormonal, sleep-deprived, swollen and peeing everywhere, we’re wondering what the heck is going on with our bodies now that we've created another human being. And Hollywood is right there to remind us just how good it could be, if we were famous. Gwen, Beyoncé and Posh stare at us from a People magazine, newborns in tow, and we want what they have. Because they look amazing and we are ... still fat. Slumped deep into a nursing chair we cannot help but wonder, “Why in the hell don't I look like Victoria Beckham right now?”

Because even if you make it out of the delivery room having gained a doable 35 pounds, it's still 35 pounds! Don't feel bad; you weren't born with Spice Girl genes. Neither were a lot of people, including other celebrity moms. What these celeb moms do have, that you do not, is access to the following:

1. Drugs

Extra, ET and Us will spill post-baby celeb body meal plans, kale smoothie recipes, and a Pilates core exercise, but what they don’t share are Google map directions to the secret weapon: all of the good diet doctors in town. To get your post-baby celeb body on, you need your very own “weight loss coach” and fast.

After 25 years of family practice, Dr. Sheila Hughes streamlined her work to focus solely on weight management, nutrition and wellness. She works with clients to reframe their emotional relationship to food, clean up a messy diet and create a sustained fuel eating plan. After blood tests, EKGs and the like, a uniquely tailored regimen of supplements that include pharmacy grade vitamins with filler to keep you full, ease cravings and give you an energy boost, and Calcium Pyruvate—a fat burner. Add lipotropic weekly injections to burn fat and you're on your way. Weekly weigh-ins keep you on track, and she’s been known to talk a celeb or two off the ledge from an 11 p.m. craving binge, via text.

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The majority of Hughes's patients follow her clean-living eating plan, dose up on the energizing weekly vitamin/antioxidant/mineral butt injections and the filling fiber supplements ... then watch the pounds slip away. But for the ones who do not have the strength to do it alone, an FDA-approved appetite suppressant once or twice a day ensures that you don't crave food, plus you’ll forget that you’re missing anything.

2. Hormones

Who knew that sleep-deprivation helps to keep the pounds on? Or, who knew that thyroid, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone imbalances will knock your weight-loss efforts completely off track? For a true post-baby celeb body, a pit stop to the office of Dr. Kristin Pressman for some much needed bio-identical hormone replacing is vital. Since celebs don’t go to doctors, doctors go to them, Dr. Pressman even makes house-calls. Pressman gets new mom hormones working at peak potential after baby, and beyond. Before you know it these hormone replacements will have you on your way to a more regulated appetite, a zippy little thyroid and better sleep. Within weeks you may even have a sex drive!

3. Sweat

And, finally, to achieve the ultimate post-baby celeb body, you will need to break a sweat. Carly Mott, director of Cycle House, one of Hollywood’s most famous spinning hubs, has seen her share of celebs on the bike just hours before going into labor and back in the saddle a mere three weeks afterward. For an extra boost, skinny moms like Denise Richards pump up the volume by suiting up in the Zaggora Hot Pants line, fabricated from heat-generating “Celu-lite" material designed to increase your body's metabolism.

After an intense spin, rehydrating the celebrity mom way means a superfood juice smoothie from Pressed Juicery or Kimberly Snyder’s Glo Bio. If an energy boost is what you need, pull up a stool next to some celebs at Erewhon’s Tonic Bar. They’ll custom-make an energizing, detoxing, fat-losing, milk-producing, lactate-regulating, vagina-contracting, libido-enhancing, age-reversing tea for only $25. Some even taste like chocolate.

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