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The Celeb Mom Crush: It Happens to Me, Too

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 04: Jennifer Garner, Violet Affleck and Seraphina Affleck attend the 4th July Parade in Pacific Palisades on July 4, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage) *** Local Caption *** Jennifer Garner;Violet Affleck;Seraphina Affleck
Photograph by WireImage

I used to be a fiend for US Weekly and People magazines, but then one day, my need to look at photographs of celebrities picking up their dry cleaning or paying a parking meter simply vanished. Poof! (Still not quite sure why.)

What haven’t vanished, though, are the mom crushes I have on a few celebrities. Are you hip to the mom crush? Plainly stated, it’s when you project all kinds of stuff on the celebrities you most admire, or, you know, want to be like. I have mom crushes in real life, too—like the gal at school drop-off who never wears yoga pants or fleece and always looks good in sunglasses ... yes, even on cloudy days. Sigh. A mom can dream, right?

Here, fellow moms, are my Top 5 Celebrity Mom Crushes:

5. Reese Witherspoon. This gal is cute as a button, isn’t she? She makes beautiful babies, seems grounded and smart, and has a style I admire. Miss Thing rocks Nina Ricci like few others. I think I was first drawn to her in Election, when it seemed like she was just portraying an extreme version of herself. Reese Witherspoon comes across as the Type-A super mom that I aspire to be when I grow up.

4. Jennifer Garner. OK, what I like about her most is that she changes sizes. When she is pregnant and the paparazzi shoot her, she looks pregnant. Know what I mean? Her jean size actually goes up when with child, as it should, thank you very much. Another thing about Jen (I have the sense that she wouldn’t mind if I called her Jen), are that her kids look like kids—adorable, messy, sticky kids. Thank you for that, dear Jen. Seeing little ones in silk and heels just feels wrong.

All mothers need help from time to time, whether we work outside the home or not.

3. Sandra Bullock. Sandy was the dark horse of this list, as you don’t see a hell of a lot of her or her child in the rags. She keeps her mothering private. I like that. Back when the tattoo loving chopper doctor she was with (thank goodness I can’t remember his name) played her so badly right off her Oscar win, Sandra didn’t hang her head in shame. No, siree. She went forward adopting the love of her life and then set about the business of mothering. Her priorities are right on target.

2. Amy Poehler. When Poehler was named to Time magazine’s Top 100 List in April 2011, she used her moment at the mic to thank not God or her husband, but the women who help raise her children: her nannies. That was a victory for working mothers everywhere. The illusion that we somehow are supposed to do it all with grace and perfection is terribly oppressive. Amy spelled it out clearly—we don’t. All mothers need help from time to time, whether we work outside the home or not. Plus, did you see her breasts at the Emmys? Whoa.

1. Michelle Obama. The arms. The J.Crew wardrobe. The Let’s Move campaign to combat childhood obesity. The arms. I respect the POTUS, but I adore and admire the FLOTUS. A working mom who was secure enough in her relationship and career to step away from the professional path to put her family first. While obviously not a financial decision, it was an important personal decision that must have stung on some level. Mrs. Obama just embodies so much of what I hope to be, myself—a working mom who prioritizes family first while still making a significant difference in the world around her.

Tell me: What moms are you crushing on?

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