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Chris Evans Reveals the Best Advice His Mom Ever Gave Him

Chris Evans, the actor who's been known to don his Captain America costume to bring a smile to children in hospitals, reveals he has a soft spot for advice his mother gave him as a child.

The 35-year-old actor stars in "Gifted," opening in theaters April 12, and during a press conference for the film, he spoke about a moment with his mom that has stayed with him all of these years.

"I was in maybe third grade or fourth grade, on a bus, and I saw some kids making fun of somebody else, and it affected me," Evans told Mom.me. "That night, I was going to bed, and my mother was tucking me in, and I told her about it. I was really upset about it."

While he admits that the details are a little fuzzy, he said his mother told him "why my heart matters ... and make sure your heart stays true, and even when she walked out of the room, I remember knowing—at 10—this matters."

Evans also admitted that he's a big fan of family dramas, which drew him to "Gifted," about a single man (Evans) raising his child-prodigy niece (the precocious Mckenna Grace) on his own.

Captain America even called himself a sap.

"I like family dramas. I have a big family. I have a very dramatic family. I understand the complexities of family struggle, and I think there's just a sweetness that I really like in movies," he said. "I'm a sap. I cry at Kodak commercials, and something about this movie, when I read it, made me cry a bunch. I was excited to do something a little bit different than throwing a shield around. No disrespect to those movies, I love those movies. There was a tenderness to this that I hadn't experienced in a while, in a work setting, so I was excited to dive in."

Evans also made sure to praise his own parents, who he called "vessels of love" but not without noting the typical complications of having a family.

"I have wonderful parents," he said, "but that doesn't come without complexity, and it doesn't come without a lot of friction at times."

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Image via Wilson Webb © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

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