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Celebrity Mom Watch: Reese Witherspoon & Drew Barrymore

Dear Reese and Drew's Cellulite,

I've missed you.

To be honest, it's been so long since I've seen any celebrity cellulite that I was beginning to think you were on vacation, or extinct. So you can imagine my joy when I saw the picture of you on the beach in Mexico hanging around on Reese and Drew's just-gave-birth-bodies, right where you're supposed to be. You looked radiant. In fact, you've never looked better.

You see, I keep seeing pictures of these famous gals—Claire, Anna, Molly—who have all (seemingly) had babies moments before, yet their cellulite is nowhere to be found. It's not that non-famous new moms are covered in the stuff, but most new moms have a little, even if it's hiding.

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But, Beyoncé? Did that baby come out of her weave? Because that's the only thing that seemed to grow while she was with child. And, Victoria Beckham? It's like she's allergic to cellulite. I was growing disillusioned thinking maybe I'm a lone wolf, cellulite with no friends.

But then there you were, body surfing with Reese and Drew, both of whom looked amazing, but not mom-arexic. As cellulite, I love that. I love when people who've had children moments before look like they've had children moments before. Nothing worse than a gal whose first thought after giving birth is, "Can I still make it to yoga?"

I love that Drew (she's rocking a bikini!) and Reese (love that one-piece) were also on the beach with Cameron Diaz, whose body is a shrine. There they were, just three gals on the beach, two of whom have just had kids, confident enough to swim next to a physical shrine. I love that, and I love them.

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Sure, every new mom wants to get rid of me as fast as possible. I totally get it. But it's also nice when a new mom hangs on to me for just long enough to give herself a break and remember that she's just housed a human in her lady-business. She's earned a cookie, and the right to have some cellulite. A little bit of me.

As if Reese and Drew weren't fabulous enough, now there's one more thing about them to love: they're human. Now those are celebs to look up to.

Next time invite me!


Meredith's Cellulite

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