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Toddler Talk: Shamrock Stamps

If you’re looking for something St. Patrick’s Day-ish to do with the kids this weekend, why not some crafting?

Besides using their fingers, here are three more ways to make shamrock stamps from everyday objects around the house.

1. A Paper Towel Roll

You could use three or four toilet paper rolls, but if you don’t have any on hand (What? You don’t save those? So weird), you can just cut up a paper towel roll into three or four smaller pieces.

Flatten each roll and shape them into hearts, using the creases.

I used simple Scotch tape to secure the rolls together, including double-sided tape between each roll to prevent any gapping. (You can use a hot glue gun if you want to get all fancy.)

Then just dip and stamp.

2. Green Pepper

I got this idea from my son’s preschool, and I thought it was flipping brilliant. Cut off the bottom of a green pepper (enough so it doesn’t fall apart), paint the clover-like edges, and stamp.

3. Wine Corks

You can take three or four corks and hot-glue them together to form a clover stamp, or (if you don’t have an alcohol problem) you can just take one cork and stamp it four times. Either way—foolproof clovers.

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