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Thank You for Getting Arrested, Reese Witherspoon

Amazing news! Oscar winner, self-proclaimed "Type A good girl" and supermom of three, Reese Witherspoon got arrested. This, friends, is the best news I've heard all day.

For the two of you who haven't read today's celeb news, or for the one of you who—unlike me—doesn't get your news from People Magazine, this past weekend Reese Witherspoon found herself in the clink after mouthing off to the police officer who was handcuffing her drunk hubby, Jim Toth.

Initially, Toth was the only one in the hot seat as he failed (miserably, I might add) a breathalyzer test and was booked on a DUI. But then Reese started sassing the arresting officer (jaw-jacking is what cops call it). But I call it something else. I call it "letting off a little steam."

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Thank God. I was beginning to think Reese Witherspoon was perfect.

Before you go thinking I'm advocating driving under the influence, I'm not. Jim Toth used terrible judgment and should face whatever punishment is coming his way. Likewise, I'm not advocating being disrespectful to anyone in the name of alcohol, especially to a police officer.

Reese Witherspoon is just like you and me: a mom who needs to let off a little steam.

But I am a fan of Reese letting a little air of out of the tires. A self-proclaimed perfectionist (her production company is even called "Type A"), there is nothing Reese Witherspoon hasn't done and hasn't done well. She's an actress, a producer, she sings, she's an Oscar winner, she's a mom, she's a wife, she's always at Deacon's soccer games ... she's making me exhausted just thinking about it.

But really, despite the perfectly pressed J.Crew sweaters and the mantle filled with awards, Reese Witherspoon is just like you and me: a mom who needs to let off a little steam.

And who can blame her?

It's exhausting trying to be perfect. Trust me, I know. I keep trying and failing miserably. I want to be the perfect wife, mom, writer, sister, daughter, citizen, human, ugh. ... And no, I've never back-talked a police officer, but I have snapped at the bank teller for no particular reason. I've been short with my kid after a long day of him playing "Let me ask mommy the same question 400 times." I've laid on the horn too long, eye-rolled a slow moving waitress, been snippy with the world's worst customer service agent, all for no particular reason than being Type A made me tightly wound.

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Reese and her hubs clearly need to have an honest heart-to-heart with themselves about their relationship with alcohol. No one should get behind the wheel after drinking, or ride in the car with someone who has. But after that, maybe Reese needs to have a chat with herself about her relationship with perfection. And then maybe she'll settle for a little less Type A jaw-jacking and a little more Type H human. Because that's really what Reese Witherspoon is. Just like us, she's human.

And girl, next time take a cab!

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