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4-Year-Old Is Mayor of Minnesota Town

You might think your toddler rules the roost, but in the town of Dorset, Minn., one actually does.

Four-year-old Robert Tufts, who goes by Bobbie, was elected mayor of the small town, which has a population of 22. So how in the world did Tufts become one of the youngest politicians ever? Well, his name was drawn out of a hat. Yes. Out of a hat.

Each year, the community near Park Rapids has a drawing during their 2012 Taste of Dorset festival, and for a $1 entry fee a lucky individual can become mayor for a year regardless of their age. In fact, you don't even have to live there to enter. According to the NY Daily News, a 5-year-old from Chicago was once running the century-old town, which has no official zip code. While most of Dorset's decisions are made by local businesses, that doesn't mean Tufts, who is reportedly a singer, dancer, and expert fisherman, is not taking his job seriously. The toddler, whose family has lived in Dorset for four generations, doles out expert advice about bait, and even helps citizens across the street, big stick in hand. He even has a first lady, a little lass named Sophia.

“He’s amazing. He’s just completely amazing,” said Kathy Schmidt, who is one of Dorset's residents. “He’s right in your face and well-spoken. You can’t imagine what a ball of fire he is.”

Watch the video of Mayor Tufts below:

Mayor Tufts will give up his post on August 4, when the next Taste of Dorset festival takes place. Let's hope the next mayor is at least out of diapers.

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