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7 Ways I Will Keep My Kid Entertained This Summer Without Camp

Photograph by Getty Images

Go to the Exploratorium

Our town, San Francisco, has a totally amazing kid-centric hands-on "museum of science, art and human perception," and they just moved into a brand new state-of-the-art facility. This isn't just a must-do for my family, but pretty much every family in San Francisco.

Go Camping

I am not a camper. I repeat, I am not a camper. But I am willing to do anything for my child including sleeping outside, peeing in the woods and being bitten by a ton of bugs.

Buy a Bike

My daughter does not have a bike, and this is a fact that makes her very, very mad. It's just one of those things we haven't gotten for her yet. It might be that I'm being far too cautious with her body, and fear she could get hurt. Or maybe it's because people drive so badly here. Or perhaps it's because we have so many hills. But I think for as many excuses as I have, it's time I let her grow up and take that next step—I mean, ride.

Perfect the Cartwheel

In my daughter's social circles, cartwheeling is a "thing." It's a rite of passage, like learning to recite the alphabet or use the toilet by themselves. Yes, it's that big of a deal. Right now my daughter's cartwheels look like a mix between a somersault and a modern dance move.

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Go to Museums

Throughout the year I attempt to take my daughter to our various magnificent museums, but most of the time she is reluctant, having to be practically dragged. But as we made our list she boldly stated she wanted to "go to museums." I count that as a personal triumph. Score one for mom.

Go to Gearadelie Choolate Square (read: Ghirardelli Chocolate)

My girl loves chocolate, and being that we are in San Francisco and, by law, required to eat a substantial amount of Ghirardelli chocolate each year. This summer we will head down to Ghirardelli Square and feast on dark, creamy goodness.

Have Fun

The most important thing on the list was by far these two simple words: Have fun.

What's on your summer must-do list?

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