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Toddler Talk: DIY Cape

Play is, undoubtedly, a very important part of growing up. And there are lots of ways I encourage Ramona to find ways she likes to play. An important tool in inspiring play is nurturing the imaginative life of little ones. I remember the first time Ramona put a little tea cup to her mouth and pretended to sip it, finishing the motion off with a lip smack and “yummy!” I was elated. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for simple items to add to her toy box that will give her the freedom to explore her own creativity. Because unstructured free time, where kids are given the space and time to entertain themselves (let them get bored!), is very good for their development.

On that note, I’ve been bulking up her dress-up stash. First, it was the crown of feathers. Now, a cape! Using items I had at home (that are also easily found at your local general store) I spent about 30 minutes after her bed time to put together a little surprise for when she woke up. A cape to be a superhero, to turn about in, to just add some flair to the outfit.

I went for a floral fabric because I had it laying about AND it seems to match Ramona’s personality so well. You can make it more plain or add embellishments as suits you, the fabric on hand, or what you child might like. Have fun with it!

What you need:

Fabric (I used leftovers I had in my stash. You could also use an old pillowcase or pick something from the fabric section in your local thrift store).

Ribbon (2" of it will be more than enough)

Needle and thread (or a sewing machine)

What you do:

1. Before I got her ready for bed, I quickly measured the fabric halfway around her shoulders and down to the backs of her knees. I made marks with a scissor here so I would know where to cut later. (Every child is different but mine, for my almost-two-year-old, measures 15x20”)

2. After you’ve cut out the fabric, decide if you want to hem the edges for clean lines. I chose to and got clean edges but I can assure you my sewing skills did not produce straight lines!

3. Cut your ribbon length in half

4. Place one of the ribbons on the inside of the outer edge of the narrower length of fabric (the top of the cape)

5. Sew it in place

6. Repeat this for the other side with the other ribbon half.

7. Voila! A cape!

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